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A Leader’s Unforgettable Story

A Leader's Unforgettable Story

A Leader’s Unforgettable Story (A Very Sticky Message) Recently I heard an unforgettable story of inspiration and mentorship, which I would like to share with you. The location was a “Communications Masterclass” I was presenting, entitled: “Create Sticky Messages”. I asked the group to prepare and deliver a talk on the theme: “A lesson learned in […]

I Love This Article – My 100th & Best Ever?

Stop working hard

Stop Working Hard! I have always had a work ethic; I suppose I got this from my parents. Well into her eighties, my mother was still living alone, looking after herself, her home and her garden. By way of example, late in her life, the local authority provided exercise classes for older people and my […]

Get Started Writing Now! Guess & Go …

Business Ideas with Aristo

Where do you get inspired? I doubt if it’s sitting at your desk or in front of a screen? Why should you wish to be more creative? “Creativity is as critical as literacy in education” Sir Ken Robinson One of my favourite TED talks (+ 38 million other people) I am presently participating in The […]