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I Love This Article – My 100th & Best Ever?

Stop working hard

Work Smarter Not Harder

Stop Working Hard!

I have always had a work ethic; I suppose I got this from my parents. Well into her eighties, my mother was still living alone, looking after herself, her home and her garden.

By way of example, late in her life, the local authority provided exercise classes for older people and my mother took to the exercises like a duck to water. I can still remember her standing in a doorway with her toes on the edge of the step and raising herself up and down to strengthen her legs and improve her balance.

Luckily, in my first job, I also worked with men who had a passion for delivering excellence for their self-esteem while benefiting the business.

Why am I telling you this? It’s these changed times we are living in!

Now that restrictions have been going on for twelve months, I have to fight the feeling that I am not working hard enough.

I am at my desk at 8.00 am and often do not finish much before 5:30 pm, so why do I feel like I am not pulling my weight?

Not real work:

My day now starts with an hour of writing’ morning pages’. This article would be an example of what I do every morning. Yet, my inner voice is saying that’s not real work!

Around ten o’clock, I go for a very brisk 5K walk in the park at the back of my home or alternatively, do an exercise routine of stretching etc. I mix and match depending on, what’s happening on the day, business-wise.

Yet my inner demons are whispering loudly “that’s not work”!

I remind myself that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind [but it’s not work!]

The rest of my day is usually devoid of disruption, as I am lucky to have a Home Office, well fitted out and I can avoid further distraction.

How we work has changed:

More and more, I am coming to the conclusion that work has changed, for me and probably for you as well.

What’s now required and requested by others is that you be creative.

“March to the beat of a different drummer.”

I love this American expression; I first heard this phrase used by the American singer-songwriter Harry Chapin back in the eighties. Harry wrote songs that were ten to fourteen minutes long when the world wanted two-minute pop songs.

What’s now required in life and business is people who marched to the beat of a different drummer, and who have the ability to encourage others to follow that beat and move forward.

STOP working hard:

My advice to you and myself is it’s not hard work that’s required [who wants to work hard?]

What is required is creativity which is much more likely to occur when rested and open to inspiration.

According to the legend, Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when he discovered gravity!


Exercise, read, play or listen to music and find a creative corner where you can dream, write and realize that creativity has many coats.

Find the one that fits you.

Everything Is Going To Be All Right