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True or False, that is the Question 

True or False, that is the Question

Several programmes on which I have coached entrepreneurs to tell the world about their business ideas concluded in the last few weeks.  In watching my proteges present, it was very clear to me that the person who has the courage to stand up and speak out should be encouraged and praised, as it is not […]

Top Up Your Confidence Levels In 2024 

Top Up Your Confidence Levels In 2024

Before Christmas, my wife (Jean) and I were invited to a client’s celebration dinner, which was hosted to mark a significant company milestone.  No expense was spared, and a wonderful night was had by all.  Why am I telling you this?  Because of something my client (the MD), whom I have known for some ten […]

Why Are We Fearful of Speaking in Public?

Why are we fearful of speaking in public Sweet Pea metaphor

Here is an image of some sweet pea I grew in my garden. Like lots of people, I have developed an increased interest in gardening during the’ P’.   I am fed up saying that word and I’m very much looking forward to writing articles that do not contain some reference to you know what!   The […]

The “Fly Me to the Moon” Pitch

plan to launch your business Fly Me to the Moon

Pitching Skill Workshop: “Fly me to the Moon Let me play among the stars Let me see what life is like on Jupiter and Mars In other words,” … Words & Music by Bart Howard 1954 Excite me Today I will show you how to create a pitch that excites both customers and investors. This […]

Presenting is much more about Confidence than Content

executive coaching skills

What do I mean by this statement? Have you ever gone to the movies and sat through ninety minutes of content, where you never engaged or rooted for the characters? I read some research recently that said, in the majority of books sold, that the reader never progressed beyond page eighteen! Both of these examples […]

Be the person with the Gift of the GAB!


“The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.” Oscar Wilde, Irish dramatist, novelist & poet (1854-1900) Improve Your Story Telling to Win Sales Irish people are generally regarded as good storytellers; we often tell ourselves that we have the gift of the gab. I […]