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Top Up Your Confidence Levels In 2024 

Top Up Your Confidence Levels In 2024

No expense was spared, and a wonderful night was had by all. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because of something my client (the MD), whom I have known for some ten years, said when introducing me to her family. 

“This is Andrew; he’s been very helpful to me personally and the team in general, but I never know how to describe what he does.” 

The conversation moved on, and so did this most enjoyable evening. 

Over the following days, and in particular over the holiday break, this comment played on my mind. 

Why could this person not articulate what I do? 

Then it struck me that in the beginning, when I founded Aristo, I struggled to explain what I did before really realising it’s not what I do that I should talk about. 

You and I should always talk about the results of what we do. 

In my case, I give people increased confidence. 

Whether it’s: 

  • To take on a new role which will stretch you. 
  • Tell an audience how you believe things should be done differently. 
  • Become an entrepreneur and start your own business. 
  • Help people to buy your product or service. 
  • Pitch for investment to a bank or investment house. 

In my role as a coach, this is how I help people. 

Why do you need to top up your confidence levels? 

If you tell yourself you have all the confidence you need, it’s more likely to be bravado than confidence. 

My clients range from successful CEOs to entrepreneurs taking their first tentative steps to people who wish to add value to society but do not have the confidence to step up. 

Here are the three questions I ask every new client to give some thought to before we work together. 

  • Who do you want to hear your story? (audience) 
  • What problem do you solve for this person or persons? 
  • How will your audience be better? 

Helping people identify and realise the skills they have that will solve their audience’s problems while giving them the confidence to articulate their knowledge in a non-boastful way is what I do. 

I coach you to paint word pictures of how your intervention solves the audience’s problem. 


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Top Up Your Confidence Levels In 2024