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How do you prepare for a talk? A good start is half the battle! 

How Do You Prepare For A Talk? A Good Start Is Half The Battle!

If you wish to be a memorable and successful communicator, you must continually read and listen to radio, TV and the myriads of podcasts that can provide content to improve your engagement with the audience. 

Stop being the person with slides full of bullet points. What you say must inform the audience. If you are honest with yourself, the bullet points help you remember what you will say. 

An even bigger sin is to stand reading the slides with your back to the audience. 

School teachers used to do this in the past, but now they are much more interactive. 

Arrive early and check out the room. Where will I stand? Are my slides uploaded? Avoid using video in your deck, if possible; more often than not the video will not work on the day.  

Also, ask yourself, do you want your audience’s attention focused on you or the video? 

Always, always bring your presentation on a ‘memory stick’ as a backup. 

Do not stand backstage in a quiet corner stressing about your talk while becoming increasingly anxious. 

Engage with your audience beforehand; talk to two or three people, nothing specific, just chat. 

Before going on stage, note where they’re sitting and initially talk to them. 

Ideally, remember their names to mention during your presentation. 

Everyone loves to get a name check. 

The above will help to reduce stress for you and your audience. 

Memorise your opening lines, helping you deliver with confidence from the start 


Stop, Stop, Stop, Selling!