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Presenting is much more about Confidence than Content

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Pitching with confidence

What do I mean by this statement?

Have you ever gone to the movies and sat through ninety minutes of content, where you never engaged or rooted for the characters?

I read some research recently that said, in the majority of books sold, that the reader never progressed beyond page eighteen!

Both of these examples have lots of content but no engagement!

I regularly see presenters make similar mistakes by producing 40-50 slides for a 45-minute presentation.

The rule appears to be if I throw enough mud at the wall, some will stick. Whereas all that will happen is you will make a mess of the wall and exhaust yourself.

Audience members trust people who demonstrate confidence in their message.

“The taste of the roast is determined by the handshake of the host” Benjamin Franklin

Take a moment to remember the movies, book and presentation that you connected with:

Here a few of mine:

  • Strumpet City – James Plunkett – Anger, Hate, Compassion
  • 44 – Peter Sheridan – Happy, sad, evoked great memories
  • 19 Acres – John Healy – Respect for those who have gone before me

These books are not newly published, yet they are instantly memorable to me.

Take a look at your recent presentations and ask yourself: did you engage the emotions of your audience, and were you remembered long after you had left the room.

It’s easier to win a tender by being the cheapest; how great would it be if you could win bids, not on price, but by being confident, convincing and most of all believable.

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