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Speakers – Focus on Connecting, not Perfecting

Speakers – Focus on Connecting, not Perfecting

People are generally better educated and more worldly, thanks to the greater availability of third-level education and the opportunity to travel.  Would you agree?  Yet, employers still tell me there is a continuing reluctance on behalf of their employees to speak up in meetings or present on behalf of the organisation. This reluctance now also […]

A Leader’s Unforgettable Story

A Leader's Unforgettable Story

A Leader’s Unforgettable Story (A Very Sticky Message) Recently I heard an unforgettable story of inspiration and mentorship, which I would like to share with you. The location was a “Communications Masterclass” I was presenting, entitled: “Create Sticky Messages”. I asked the group to prepare and deliver a talk on the theme: “A lesson learned in […]

A Picture Paints a 1,000 Words

A Picture Paints 1000 words

Presentation Tip I acquired a new corporate client recently, and by way of getting underway, I asked them to send me a sample of a typical presentation deck. Imagine my lack of surprise when I received a deck full of bland slides, each slide populated with seven to eight bullet points. This is not a […]

Who Are Your Favourite Communicators?

favorite communicator

Have you noticed the number of job offers that are appearing on platforms in recent weeks and months? Things are looking up! Recently a business colleague asked me to help them prepare for an important interview. They commented that interviews should no longer be a review of a list of qualifications on a CV and […]

How Your Communication can lead to #Subscribe or #Unsubscribe


Thank you for Your Suggestions and Support I asked my readers to suggest some topics that they would like me to address in my articles. I wish to thank the many people who replied, I will endeavour to write on each of the topics suggested in future correspondence. Here is one such reply I received, […]

3 Simple Tips Leading to Engagement On-Line


“On-line is your Future or You have no Future” In this new environment, the organisations who are to the forefront doing business online will have a big head start on their competitors. With this in mind, here are a few simple pieces of advice to put into action when leading or participating in online meetings: […]

The EYES Have It!

Business Strategy

                          Having spent a couple of hours walking around the National Gallery of Ireland, I found myself in the hall of portraits. This is a collection of paintings of famous Irish people, both living and dead, by famous Irish artists, also both living […]