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3 Simple Tips Leading to Engagement On-Line


“On-line is your Future or You have no Future”

In this new environment, the organisations who are to the forefront doing business online will have a big head start on their competitors.

With this in mind, here are a few simple pieces of advice to put into action when leading or participating in online meetings:

Three Tips for Online Meetings

1. Have the camera for your computer or laptop at eye level.

You may need to put the laptop on some books or onto a shelf. When you do this you are looking directly into the lens (eye) of the camera? (I am tired looking a people’s nasal hair or ceiling fittings)

Whether it’s face to face or lens to lens, eye contact is critical.

2. If you’re making good eye contact next ensure that you have good lighting.

I was on one of my regular conference calls with a colleague, unusually his image was very unclear. Technically he tried everything to improve the image, including switching off and on, to no avail. Remembering there was dust everywhere as he had a builder in recently doing some renovations, he cleaned the lens on his laptop and instantly he was back to full glorious colour.

3. Ideally have an external microphone that you can clip to your lapel.

I see a lot of people now using the Apple Bluetooth earbuds which appear to be very effective.

Camera on:

Become comfortable when participating with your camera on, you will be at a disadvantage if the people you are meeting online are comfortable and you are NOT.

People still form judgments about others by what they see.

Importance of Images:
  • A book is judged by its cover
  • Recipe books with pictures of the meals prepared sell in vastly greater volume than books without images.
  • Blind dates are a thing of the past.
  • A picture paints 1000 words.

Call for Action:

During your next online meeting make it a requirement that all cameras are turned on.

Please let me know of the changes that worked for you!