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Three Steps to Increased Sales 

3 Steps to Increased Sales

It requires a great deal of planning, effort, and cost to finally get the opportunity to talk to a prospective customer in person or online. In recent years, there’s been a reluctance on behalf of people to meet up. Online conversations have helped facilitate such meetings, but obviously, It’s never a replacement for face-to-face engagement. 

Like most companies, you have people whose job is to search the web, seeking out businesses who would be good customers for your organisation.  They then make the initial introductions with the hope of getting a meeting with your ideal contact within the organisation. 

This conversation is then generally passed on to a more experienced and possibly more technical person to initiate a deeper discussion and gain an understanding of how you can be a benefit to this organisation. 

Therefore, this person needs to deliver a very sharp focused, structured presentation that is on the money. (Which now appears to be the current phrase in vogue.) 

Do you monitor your success rate for these higher-level conversational opportunities? 

Or do your people just turn up online and say “it will be alright on the night”, as they say in the theatre. 

But you must remember that in the theatre, the actor has a script, a familiar stage and knows precisely where to be in the script, and located on the stage at every moment as they have rehearsed repeatedly. 

I provide my clients with a template structure that lets them know where they are in the conversation at any given time and yet be flexible enough to accommodate the other parties’ needs and requirements. 

“Using travel as an analogy, are you just getting into your car and heading off, hoping you arrive at your destination, or are you using satellite navigation? Sat Nav allows you to start by identifying where you are. Select where you want to end up while being aware of the key points on the journey, getting you there most efficiently and effectively”. 

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