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Winning is Not Everything! 

Winning Is Not Everything

Recently, I was asked to help a team of students prepare a pitch important for them and their college. The college had previously entered this competition for several years but was never shortlisted to present at the final pitch competition.  Initially, I helped the team and their professor prepare a video pitch to promote their […]

How do you prepare for a talk? A good start is half the battle! 

How Do You Prepare For A Talk? A Good Start Is Half The Battle!

It should not be the day before, and you should not be pulling out your previous slide deck, changing the title slide, or doing what you usually do, talk about your business or product.  If you wish to be a memorable and successful communicator, you must continually read and listen to radio, TV and the […]

It’s Not About Your Body

It's Not About Your Body (Language)

Speakers and their advisors frequently put too much emphasis on body language.  It’s not about your gestures, it’s what you have to say that matters.   What do I do with my hands?  Michael Martin, Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister), and Paschal Sheehy (Journalist) were both advised by a schoolteacher or presentation coach to continually tip the […]

Stop, Stop, Stop, Selling! 

Stop, Stop, Stop, Selling!

Recently, I turned up to hear how a group of customer-facing “Business Development Managers” (BDM’s) told the story of their business.  What happened was as I expected.   They immediately launched into what they do and the product/service they provide.   Why do they do this?   It’s where they’re comfortable and confident as product specialists.   It’s what […]

Three Steps to Increased Sales 

3 Steps to Increased Sales

It requires a great deal of planning, effort, and cost to finally get the opportunity to talk to a prospective customer in person or online. In recent years, there’s been a reluctance on behalf of people to meet up. Online conversations have helped facilitate such meetings, but obviously, It’s never a replacement for face-to-face engagement.  […]

Building a Business Requires Several Talents

Building a Business Requires Several Talents

A particular talent or skill is not enough today. To build a successful, durable business, you also need commercial understanding and a team to support you.  Here is an excellent example I came across on my recent travels.  There is an artist, Vera Gaffney, whose work I like, and I have given presents of her […]

The Rocky Road to Entertaining an Audience

The Rocky Road to Entertaining an Audience

I recently listened to Tommy Fleming speak about Christie Hennessy’s song “Roll back the Clouds” on a podcast. He talked about how important the song was to him, and also how it explained the drug of performing and how he and others like him were prepared to travel the world and be lonely lots of […]

Speakers – Focus on Connecting, not Perfecting

Speakers – Focus on Connecting, not Perfecting

People are generally better educated and more worldly, thanks to the greater availability of third-level education and the opportunity to travel.  Would you agree?  Yet, employers still tell me there is a continuing reluctance on behalf of their employees to speak up in meetings or present on behalf of the organisation. This reluctance now also […]

True or False, that is the Question 

True or False, that is the Question

Several programmes on which I have coached entrepreneurs to tell the world about their business ideas concluded in the last few weeks.  In watching my proteges present, it was very clear to me that the person who has the courage to stand up and speak out should be encouraged and praised, as it is not […]

A Free Car Changed the Course of my Career!

A Free Car Changed the Course of my Career

This article tackles the problem: every organisation wishing to grow their business needs to do BETTER.  Shortly after I got married, I was told that I should get into sales. Why?  Because back then, you were given a company car and told to drive around your patch, meet people and win sales. (The attraction to […]