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Course Name: Improve Engagement During Team Meetings

Duration: 45 min

Date: 17th April 2024

Course Overview:

This Virtual Classroom aims to help participants be they leaders or contributors, understand how it’s possible to participate in more fulfilling meetings, leading to vastly improved work environments and better business outcomes.

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Improve Engagement During Team Meetings

I have coached hundreds of business leaders to guide meetings to successful outcomes.
Where participants feel valued, listened to when they contribute, and satisfied having got things done.

Two aspects need to be considered when participating in team meetings.

Aspect one is from the view of the person leading the meeting.

The second aspect focuses on the people invited to contribute to the meeting.


The comments I hear most often from leaders of the meeting are as follows,

“People will not participate, contribute or propose solutions during the meeting”.

“Too often, the person with the solution to the issue raised on the agenda does not speak up”.


The participants comment as follows:

“They believe they are there to listen, not contribute”

“When they contribute, they are ignored and sometimes shouted down”

“Meetings are badly organized and a waste of time”

“They start late and often run over, with no clear plan of action agreed at the end”


Objectives for this Masterclass:

• Meetings start and finish on time, every time

• Prepare an agenda that encourage people to attend and participate

• Create an environment that leads to participation and positive actionable outcomes

• Realize that time spent conversing with colleagues can be the most productive part of your day.


More fulfilling meetings lead to vastly improved work environments and successful business outcomes.

"Our Sales and Marketing Team have participated in the Aristo Programme and as a result, our overall approach to meetings/ presentations has changed. We have a structure to work to and Andrew and Aristo have given us the tools to work with. Our approach to business meetings and customer-facing meetings has changed. We use our time more optimally and consider how we need to present ourselves so that the customer or whoever our audience is gets the maximum benefit from our presentation, whatever the format is".
Leslie Brett | Business Unit Director | Baxter Healthcare

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