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Ten Top Tips when preparing a presentation

Top Ten

Top Ten Tips When Preparing A Presentation

  1. Find out about your audience i.e. age profile, gender mix, business etc.
  2. Ask yourself as a result of my talk what do I want my audience to do,  more of, less of, stop or start.
  3. Decide what is the key point you want your audience to take away from the presentation.
  4. Decide on an exciting opening that gets the audiences attention; fail to do this and you struggle for the rest of the presentation.
  5.  Devise a really high impact closing statement that leaves them in no doubt as to your message.
  6.  Find opportunities to practise, a quiet place, speak out loud when rehearsing your talk.
  7.  Check the timing of your presentation to ensure that it meets the time requirements. Remember, as soon as you have run over time, you have lost your audiences attention.
  8. Prepare answers to questions you are likely to be asked in the Q & A session. Do not let yourself be surprised.
  9.  Enjoy it, if you have fun, your audience will have fun. Remember people who enjoy themselves learn more quickly.
  10.  Decide on a structure/format suited to your talk i.e. is it to entertain, persuade, convince or educate.