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Stop, Stop, Stop, Selling! 

Stop, Stop, Stop, Selling!

Recently, I turned up to hear how a group of customer-facing “Business Development Managers” (BDM’s) told the story of their business.  What happened was as I expected.   They immediately launched into what they do and the product/service they provide.   Why do they do this?   It’s where they’re comfortable and confident as product specialists.   It’s what […]

A Christmas Passport to Enjoyment

A Christmas Passport to Enjoyment

My favourite description of Christmas is from “A Mother’s Christmas” by Hugh Leonard, published in a collection of Christmas Stories. I have been rereading “Christmas in Ireland”, introduced by Colin Morrison, every year since 1990.   My mother who never went abroad in her life was the owner of a passport. It was called Christmas, and […]

People Love Stories – Stories Grow Businesses

People Love Stories - Stories Grow Businesses

The pleasure experienced by my clients when they realise that telling a simple, engaging story is the best way of explaining their business idea is a joy to behold.  They say it can’t be that simple, but it is.  A story well told will explain the problem you solve for prospective customers and inform them […]

Once upon a time … My Favourite Story Opening

Once Upon A Time ... Change how you think about public speaking

Today I wish to change how you think about public speaking. It’s not a chore to be feared; it’s an opportunity to be grasped. I dislike anything to do with Excel and Accounts. I keep putting this type of work off until the last minute and then do it under pressure, increasing my distaste for the […]

Make a Bigger Impression when Presenting

Make a Bigger Impression When Presenting

Make a Bigger Impression when Presenting  (Be on the envelope, not the stamp!)  I was recently asked to provide some feedback to researchers presenting their projects.  My overall impression was as follows:  Why must the slide take up the whole screen with the presenter in the top corner, the size of a postage stamp?  Universities, […]

Why Stories Lead to Success and Sales


Improve Your Pitches & Presentations I have been helping people to create Pitches & Presentations for fourteen years.  I often work with companies right at the beginning of their journey and continue to work with them on occasions over the years when they need to tell their story to a new audience of investors or […]

Send Me Your Deck!


Executive Coaching Skills This is your wish; you want to send your Deck to a potential investor or prospective partner or customer, yet you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you know, deep down, it’s not good enough!  When I engage with a prospective client, it’s usually the first thing I ask them, to send me their existing slide deck; I also […]

The 1st Step to Creating Your Company Story

The 1st Step to Creating Your Company Story

Storytelling for Business I am working online with one of my favourite clients, who are using this current situation to refocus and reassess the message that they tell their customers and themselves. The reason they engaged me is that they have rapidly expanded over the previous five years and they see this time as an […]

People Love Stories

People Love Stories

Storytelling in Business – My story, once upon a time … Yesterday I met my client for our final preparation session before he goes to speak at a farming conference in the UK.  Which he believes will provide a good opportunity to grow his business in Britain and support the staff he already employs over […]

Turn your Interview into a Conversation and get the Job

executive coaching skills

Job Interview Tips & Techniques Recently I was asked by a former client and now a friend to help her prepare for a very important job interview. My friend told me that this position was her dream job. The first interview required her to deliver a ten-minute presentation plus a fifteen-minute ‘Question and Answer’ session […]