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A Christmas Passport to Enjoyment

A Christmas Passport to Enjoyment

My favourite description of Christmas is from “A Mother’s Christmas” by Hugh Leonard, published in a collection of Christmas Stories. I have been rereading “Christmas in Ireland”, introduced by Colin Morrison, every year since 1990.  

My mother who never went abroad in her life was the owner of a passport. It was called Christmas, and it marked the completion of one journey and the beginning of another. To her, Christmas was a way of saying we’ve arrived, we’re here, we’ve come through.  

Poverty, illness, worries, bills, all the dangers, the reefs, the storms, we’re past. We were at anchor in a lagoon of quiet water before again venturing upon the high seas. And, like all passports, Christmas was not to be tampered with. Safely dwelt in its unwavering sameness. Every moment of the day itself was a re-run of the same moment a year ago and would itself be repeated a year hence. 

Stories are the lifeblood of people and businesses 

My modest scribblings reach out to over six thousand people every month in my community; past clients, current clients and hopefully some new and returning clients in 2023. 

Not to mention the many thousands of readers who read via publication in Irish Tech News (thank you Simon & John).

“What’s the story, Bud?” is a familiar refrain around the streets of Dublin. 

I thank you all for your support over the last fifteen years, and I look forward to collaborating with you again at some point in the future. Helping you to continue to tell stories that resonate with your clients, customers and partners. 

At the end of every Christmas pantomime, the great Maureen Potter closed the show with this refrain, “If you enjoyed the show tell your friends; if you didn’t, keep your breath to cool your porridge”. 

Personal testimonials are the lifeblood of my business; if I have helped you, please tell a friend or colleague.  

Have a great holiday break; see you in 2023. 

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