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Executive Coaching Skills

This is your wish; you want to send your Deck to a potential investor or prospective partner or customer, yet you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you know, deep down, it’s not good enough! 

When I engage with a prospective client, it’s usually the first thing I ask them, to send me their existing slide deck; I also suggest that I take a look at their website. 

The frequent response is: the website is out of date and the deck is not who they are now.  

The Analogy: 

The analogy I like to use is:  

A deck is like a house that has been extended by various builders over a period of time, without any overall vision being provided by an architectwho has taken the time to sit down with them and create a design that captures their wishes.  

Often this requires some stripping back to the basic structure, knocking down some walland taking away some favourite spots for the homeowner, in order to create even more favourite spots 

Architects apply years of experience and design wisdom to ensure the home will be both comfortable and functional. 

This is the skill I provide to people and organisations who wish to create exciting Decks and Company Stories that win them business and investment. 

The problem of Perfectionism:

When I work with clients, and I’m sure it’s the same with Architects, distractions often occur when trying to edit an idea that has not been fully formed.  

There can be tension and resistance to the suggested changes.  I constantly need to remind clients not to lose sight of the overall objective in pursuit of perfect individual slides, as opposed to a narrative that flows across the pages. 

You need something BETTER: 

I cannot create presentation stories for people, that’s their job.   

I can tell them how to go about it, I can provide the templates for the conversation and most of all I can listen in order to capture the nuggets that they mine and help identify which is the fool’s gold and which are the real nuggets? 


Do you want to find some nuggets? I can show you where to dig and provide the shovel! 

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