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A Free Car Changed the Course of my Career!

A Free Car Changed the Course of my Career

This article tackles the problem: every organisation wishing to grow their business needs to do BETTER.  Shortly after I got married, I was told that I should get into sales. Why?  Because back then, you were given a company car and told to drive around your patch, meet people and win sales. (The attraction to […]

Solving a Problem before it becomes a Problem!

Solving a Problem Before it Becomes a Problem

When I coach entrepreneurs to pitch, I always want them to start with the problem they solve for someone they can send an invoice to.  Recently, I spoke to Laura, an entrepreneur who has solved a problem for people unaware that they have a problem.  Very curious!  Who are these people who do not know […]

How to solve YOUR problems – BE OPEN TO NEW VOICES

How to solve YOUR problems – BE OPEN TO NEW VOICES

The summer is over, and what a summer it has been. I am still like my younger self and only remember the good days, and this year, I had lots of them.   Golf in Portugal, holiday in Seville and by the sea in a small town in Portugal called Tavira.  I do not remember […]

New Light Through Old Windows


How do I help my audience?  Initially, I am like a confessor or a psychologist.  I ask a few questions, three in all, and then listen to the confusing responses I hear by way of a reply.  The reason the answers are confusing is that the person I am speaking to is often too close […]

Planning a Car Journey &Steps to a great pitch – The Similarities

steps to a great pitch Planning a car journey

In the past, if you were planning a car journey, you would look at the map and plan your route. Now sat-nav does this for you and often offers you a couple of choices:   The most direct, quickest and probably the most expensive, as you are likely to travel further and pay several tolls.   Or the more traditional route, more scenic and more […]