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Solving a Problem before it becomes a Problem!

Solving a Problem Before it Becomes a Problem

When I coach entrepreneurs to pitch, I always want them to start with the problem they solve for someone they can send an invoice to. 

Recently, I spoke to Laura, an entrepreneur who has solved a problem for people unaware that they have a problem. 

Very curious! 

Who are these people who do not know that they have a problem? 

Brides and Grooms! 

 Deciding to get married is a significant step in life and a very costly event and stressful. 

  • Choose a venue.
  • Decide on the menu
  • Choose a Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man
  • Check with parents who they need to invite because they were at their son’s or daughter’s weddings ten years ago 
  • Will we ask Uncle Tom and his wife Mary, who cause difficulties on every family occasion? 

Anyone who’s been married will know a myriad of other items can be added to this list, causing stress and pressure and costing money.  

Laura, the Co-founder of this new business, My Wedding Whizz, was a Bridesmaid for a friend.  

The item overlooked in all of the wedding planning? 

Who will mind the gift vouchers and cash given as Wedding presents on the day? 

In this case, Laura, the Chief Bridesmaid, was expected to take care of €25,000 approximately in gift vouchers and cash.  

Where do you put this amount of money? In many cases, it can be considerably more.  

Under the mattress in your bedroom? 

In your car boot, what if your car is stolen?  

The hotel will not help; they are not insured. 

Also, hotels have had staff members accused of stealing some presents. 

Whoever is left in charge of the valuables, be it the Chief Bridesmaid or Best Man. (He’s enough to worry about with the upcoming speech! 😉) Perhaps a parent of the bride or groom? 

Whoever it is, their enjoyment is gone from the day, worrying about this large number of valuable presents to be securely stored. 

The founders of My Wedding Whizz, Laura and Orla, have sent me this text to explain the peace of mind provided to the happy couple. 

My Wedding Whizz empowers engaged couples to create exquisite wedding websites brimming with all the essential details for their special day. 

The Digital Wedding Post Box allows couples to seamlessly integrate this feature into their wedding website, connecting it to their Revolut or PayPal account. When guests receive the digital wedding invitation, they are effortlessly guided to explore the couple’s wedding website. Here, they can access the Digital Wedding Post Box, mirroring and elevating the traditional act of physical card gifting into the digital age. 

Guests can choose a front frame for their digital card and add a personalised internal message and warm wishes. The final step in this modern gifting experience is the option to include a cash gift before hitting the send button. 

My Wedding Whizz isn’t just a platform; it’s a marriage of convenience and sentimentality, where technology enhances the cherished traditions of wedding celebrations.  

This innovative solution makes the wedding planning process more accessible, connected, and meaningful, one digital card and cash gift at a time. 

If you have a wedding coming up here is a link to My Wedding Whizz.

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