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How to solve YOUR problems – BE OPEN TO NEW VOICES

How to solve YOUR problems – BE OPEN TO NEW VOICES

The summer is over, and what a summer it has been. I am still like my younger self and only remember the good days, and this year, I had lots of them.  

Golf in Portugal, holiday in Seville and by the sea in a small town in Portugal called Tavira.  I do not remember a wet day until yesterday when I came off the golf course in wet clothes and wet golf gear. No doubt, I will have wiped yesterday from my memory in a few weeks as well. 

Life is simple; remember the good stuff and park the rest. 

Business Opportunity: 

As an entrepreneur or salesperson, it’s our job to remind people about problems they have or may have in the future. Businesses often put up with a problem for years until someone comes along and tells them the solution to their problem which will dramatically improve the situation. 

A bottleneck: 

As a very young man, I worked in an Iron Foundry and was tasked, along with others, to introduce improvements in manufacturing methods that had existed for decades. 

Here is a simple example [by way of explanation] of a bottleneck that continued to slow production. The foundry required tonnes of sea sand to be delivered weekly to be used by the moulders. This sand was delivered wet and full of stones and other debris. The bottleneck was that it needed to be dried and sieved before going onto the foundry floor.  

The ovens and the people attending the ovens could not keep up with the demands that were made on them. This situation had been a problem for years. 

The problem was solved instantly, when a recently employed Sales Manager sat in on one of our production meetings, as we discussed the sea sand issue for the umpteen time. 

The Solution: 

He told us there was a company in Drogheda called Silica Sands, whose business was producing clean and dry sea sand. 

I phoned them, and their reply was, YES, we do. How many tonnes do you require each week? 

Problem Solved: 

My advice is to be open to new voices that may make your life a lot easier. 

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