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Retirement – Not For ME Yet!

Retirement - not for me yet!

Recently, I got a note from my Auditor telling me he was retiring.  If I am honest, it gave me a feeling of “what you are doing, Andrew? He is younger than you, and you are working away with no plan to retire anytime soon.”.  Hold on; retirement is not for me! I do not […]

Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication Skills – (Focus on connecting, not perfection) Having listened to somebody present to you, are you likely to remember everything they said?  No, that’s very unlikely! You will remember how they made you feel – uplifted, informed, enthused, energised, happy, content, and inspired! Would you be happy if your listeners experienced some […]

The Secret to Being a Great Communicator

The Secret to Being a Great Communicator

Humility is a trait that endears speakers to an audience. On Saturday, in my golf club, the prizes for our Order of Merit competition were presented to the winners. The winner of the men’s Order of Merit acceptance speech was an example of how to be modest while at the same time acknowledging his achievement […]

How Your Communication can lead to #Subscribe or #Unsubscribe


Thank you for Your Suggestions and Support I asked my readers to suggest some topics that they would like me to address in my articles. I wish to thank the many people who replied, I will endeavour to write on each of the topics suggested in future correspondence. Here is one such reply I received, […]

Speak Up and Earn More (Eat the Frog)

pitching your idea

  Improve Your Communication Skills I was recently in a conversation with a prospective new client, who was interested in engaging me to speak to his team. During the meeting, he asked me to answer the following question. How do I describe to my colleagues what you do in a sentence? My answer was as […]