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Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication Skills – (Focus on connecting, not perfection)

Having listened to somebody present to you, are you likely to remember everything they said? 

No, that’s very unlikely!

You will remember how they made you feel – uplifted, informed, enthused, energised, happy, content, and inspired!

Would you be happy if your listeners experienced some of these emotions when you were speaking?

I can help you improve your communication skills & achieve this type of outcome; want to know more?

Leaders unconsciously give attention (and more promotions) to people who speak well, sometimes overlooking a lack of actual actions or results.

When we start listening to what people say, the most talented people with the best ideas can start to rise to the top.

As a coach, how do I do this?

I get my clients to this stage of readiness by helping them to create conversational talks that have a structure that is flexible enough to accommodate small changes of direction.

Scripts are for Shakespearean Actors:

The days of script are long gone. Actor friends of mine tell me that they no longer learn a script word for word but read and reread until they are happy that they can interpret the message of the scriptwriter.

“Nobody remembers what you say, they remember how you made them feel –
Joyful, Giddy, Laughed a lot.”
Jimmy Carr – Comedian

To be a good speaker & improve your communication skills, do the following:

Have a conversation with your audience!

Good conversationalists do the following:

They listen!

How can I listen if I’m talking to them, I hear you say?

Firstly, I help people realise that they can both speak and think at the same time; it’s not that difficult, honestly!

When your audience is doing the following, it’s a conversation:

looking back at you, making eye contact, smiling, nodding, frowning, laughing – in other words, engaged.

Not engaging looks like this:

checking their devices, texting, emailing, writing copious notes, nodding off, in other words, not engaged.

To be a good speaker, do the following:

Turn up and be the best of yourself you can be (never try to be a poor imitation of someone else); this is best done by showing that you have earned the right to talk on this subject, that you’re eager to share your ideas with the audience, and that you’re excited.

“Be judged not by your words, but by your actions”

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