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Retirement – Not For ME Yet!

Retirement - not for me yet!

Recently, I got a note from my Auditor telling me he was retiring. 

If I am honest, it gave me a feeling of “what you are doing, Andrew? He is younger than you, and you are working away with no plan to retire anytime soon.”. 

Hold on; retirement is not for me! I do not want to be in the Golf Club three or four days a week or continually tidying the garden and going for walks!  

I want to help people while educating myself further, because that adds value to me and those who engage with me.  

I want to be in the company of younger people who will invigorate me while valuing my contribution and assistance to them in their lives. 

My life still excites me; my e-mail is the lifeline to a continually engaging and energizing daily routine that I enjoy and provides security for myself and my family. 

If you wish to do something that will stretch and excite you in 2023, read on … 

Imagine how wonderful it would be if business presentations were both Educational and Entertaining 

Register for my upcoming Presentation Skills Programme starting in February 

Here are the people who gain from my recent two-day presentation skills program. 

Is this you or one of your team? 

  • A person with technical ability but cannot share his knowledge with others.  
  • A shy person with ability but lacking confidence when speaking to groups, be they one, five or fifty? 
  • Need to speak to colleagues and customers with confidence and clarity. 
  • Lacking in clarity when presenting ideas to customers or colleagues. 

In two days, I can transform your/their communication skills in what past clients describe as action-packed, fun and interactive workshops. 

Some good advice: 

The days of the memorized script are long gone. Actor friends tell me that they no longer learn a script word for word but read and reread until they are happy that they can interpret the message of the scriptwriter. 

I get my clients to this stage of readiness by helping them create conversational talks with a flexible structure, capable of accommodating minor changes of direction while improving engagement. 

To be a good speaker, do the following: 

Turn up and be the best of yourself you can be (never try to be a poor imitation of someone else); this is best done by showing that you have earned the right to talk on this topic and that you’re eager to share your ideas with the audience while exciting them. 

“Be judged not by your words, but by your actions.” 

Here are some comments from participants on my last presentation skills programme: 

“A very enjoyable and helpful training course that pushed me out of my comfort zone” 

“I gained confidence beyond my current level”  

“A brilliant group dynamic, learning from others” 

“Informed approach with lots of practice” 

“Simply superb + very grateful to have come across this training” 

To enjoy the same benefits 

Register for my upcoming Presentation Skills Programme starting in February