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How to Make Better Use of Your Day!

How to make better use of your day

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make better use of your day

I feel that I am in more control of my life, in particular my working life.

I believe this is because I am attempting to block out time in my day and week to get specific things done.

For example, early morning is journaling, exercise, shower and then get the working day underway.

Tyranny of email:

I am making every effort to avoid looking at my email on my computer before mid-morning.

I take a quick look on my phone around 9:00 to ensure that there is nothing important that needs my response.

Urgent v Important:

Please note I said important; often we react to urgent things, but they’re not necessarily important.

Often, we mix the two up, urgent is very often not that important. The real success is when you are actively getting things done before they become urgent and important.

Plan your Day:

Blocking out time in advance helps you to have that feeling of being in control.

When you complete the task you have blocked out to do, at the time you planned to do it, you will have a wonderful sense of achievement.

It’s good; you have achieved your goals, so be kind to yourself.

Go for a short walk, have a coffee, phone a friend for a quick catch up. Read an article that you have wanted to read for a while but felt you did not have the time.

Read my article “Stop Working Hard!” for further explanation.

Avoid “Tyranny of the Urgent”

Check your calendar and get started on your next important task.

Have you noticed; everything takes much longer to do than you realise? When you get into the habit of blocking out your tasks each day, you will discover that you need to allocate more significant amounts of time to each project.

Do not focus on the negative:

What often happens is that we remember the things we did not get done, neglecting to remember all the successes we did have.

Here is an excellent piece of advice I received some years ago and continued to apply.

Write out your ‘To Do List’ for the next day before leaving your desk in the evening.

Next day, as you complete your tasks, leave them on the page, but cross them off.

At the end of the day or week, review your list, the items crossed off will provide a satisfying sense of achievement.

Best piece of advice ever:

Stop working at the same time each day; often we make the mistake of putting off the important tasks until we have peace and quiet in the evening, which means you end up at your desk until late, instead of taking some ‘rest and recover’ in preparation for the next day.