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Course Name: Communications Training

Duration: 45 min

Date: 13th June 2024

Time: 14:00

Course Overview:

Story Telling for a Business audience. 

Your Investment: Free

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Communications Webinar

Improve Communication Skills
Speakers – Focus on Connecting, not Perfection.
People are generally better educated and more worldly, thanks to the greater availability of third-level education and the opportunity to travel.
Would you agree?
Yet, employers still tell me there is a continuing reluctance on behalf of their employees to speak up in meetings or present on behalf of the organisation. This reluctance now also extends to picking up the phone and calling someone.
The reason for people’s reluctance to speak up is they believe that they’re not good enough.
Here is a question for speakers and those who send them out to speak on behalf of organisations.
Having listened to somebody present to you, are you likely to remember everything they said? 
No, that’s very unlikely!
However, you will remember how they made you feel – uplifted, informed, enthused, energised, happy, and inspired!
Would you be satisfied if your listeners experienced some of these emotions when you were speaking?


"Andrew is one of the best communicators I have ever met. His listening skills are exceptional, and he has a great ability to make your communications simple but very effective. He is also a very personable and likeable guy. I would highly recommend working with Andrew & Aristo for anyone who wishes to communicate more effectively."
Jeffrey Moran
Learning Consultant & New Hire Training Manager | IBM

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