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Do what you LOVE. It’s a well-hackneyed phrase, but TRUE!

Do what you LOVE. It's a well-hackneyed phrase, but TRUE!

Recently I went to listen to some live music in an intimate creative space above the Cherry Tree Pub in Walkinstown, Dublin.
It’s a cosy room conducive to creating a good atmosphere, with the added bonus of having an upstairs bar and waiter service, which saves the audience from missing any of the music.

The three people on stage were all availing of their free bus pass (eligible to those over 65) and all nationally known musicians for many decades. They had travelled from Donegal “A long day’s journey into night” to be with us.

The show would not be a profit-making venture for the musicians or the organiser. 

So why did they do it? 

I conclude that nothing beats doing what you love and having an audience of real people enjoy what you do. 

Giving pleasure to others is a gift for both the audience and the performers. 

I feel the same way when speaking to audiences, helping people I coach to get the same enjoyment when they confidently present. 

John Evoy, the Founder of Irish Men’s Sheds Association, told me that I helped them to do two things better than they had previously been doing –

1. Capturing the magic of what Men’s Sheds does in a few short sentences.

2. Identifying how those who engage with Men’s Sheds benefit from working together.

Men’s Sheds now enter into conversations with potential collaborators in a much more confident manner.

(There are plenty of testimonials on my website if you would like to see more).

Would you or a colleague like to add Confident Presenter to your skill set?

Here are the details about my next open Presentation Skills Programme (click for further info):

Connect 2 Grow programme in September 2023