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3 Simple Tips Leading to Engagement On-Line


“On-line is your Future or You have no Future” In this new environment, the organisations who are to the forefront doing business online will have a big head start on their competitors. With this in mind, here are a few simple pieces of advice to put into action when leading or participating in online meetings: […]

Speak Up and Earn More (Eat the Frog)

pitching your idea

  Improve Your Communication Skills I was recently in a conversation with a prospective new client, who was interested in engaging me to speak to his team. During the meeting, he asked me to answer the following question. How do I describe to my colleagues what you do in a sentence? My answer was as […]

The Presentation Advice that helped elect Bill Clinton

presentation skills coaching

“It’s About Relationships – Stupid”, is the title of one of my favourite presentation workshops. I creatively swiped the message that Bill Clintons campaign manager James Carville wrote on the campaign headquarters whiteboard every morning, when Bill was running for the office of the President of America. “It’s about the economy” If you want to […]

Pitch like a Big Time Movie Producer/Director!

build business relationships with Andrew Keogh

A High Concept Pitch to a movie mogul (If such a person still exists?) is where you are given one sentence to pitch your idea. Let me give you some examples: Chicken Run – It’s “The Great Escape” with chickens Alien – It’s “Jaws” on a spaceship Speed – It’s “Die Hard” on a bus What you are hoping […]

The EYES Have It!

Business Strategy

                          Having spent a couple of hours walking around the National Gallery of Ireland, I found myself in the hall of portraits. This is a collection of paintings of famous Irish people, both living and dead, by famous Irish artists, also both living […]

Remove Stress from Public Speaking! Come on a journey with me …

building relationships

“All poems should begin in delight but end in wisdom” Robert Frost   Pitching & Public Speaking Tips If you have an important presentation coming up, or a pitch for business, the above quotation is critical to your success. Your talk must begin with delight – the audience must be engaged and entertained on commencement […]

Why are you nervous in front of some audiences?

fear of speaking in public

              Why are you nervous in front of some audiences and not in front of others? Regularly, I coach senior executives who are at the top of their game and leading major organisations with great success. Yet, when I tell them what I do, they are all ears. Why […]

Create Memorable Presentations – Overcome Death by PowerPoint

Stand Out in a Competitive Market

          Here are a number of questions for you – Do the people who write story books for children start by drawing the pictures and then write the story? Or do they (as I believe) write the story first, and then have an artist draw the pictures that enhance the story? […]

Your Boss asks YOU to Present – Opportunity or Threat?

Your boss asks you to present - opportunity or threat

Recently I have met several people who have been given the opportunity to present on behalf of their boss, who was not available for some reason. This opportunity can be viewed in several ways – They are genuinely not available and need you to stand in for them. They wish to provide you with an […]

An Elevator Pitch that Rocks! (The 5 Steps + Video)

Elevator Pitch

Recently, I was contacted by a previous client who is now working for an American multinational company; he had an interesting and exciting request. His company wanted each of the sales team to produce a one-minute video which they will include in emails etc. that they send to prospects and customers. Using the word video […]