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Three tips to improve your communication skills

Three tips to improve your communication skills

I have an acquaintance who could talk/bore for Ireland. They never draw breath and allow anyone the opportunity to respond. It’s infuriating.  

Nowadays, we’re inclined to say that a person like this is on some spectrum or other. 

In the past, they were simply bad-mannered or full of their own importance, or both, perhaps? 

Someone to avoid! 

Lots of business presentations I sit through are on the spectrum of boring and dull, all about the speaker or their business, with little thought given to the listener. 

Here is my best advice as to how to prepare to be a more engaging and entertaining speaker at business meetings, or any other meeting for that matter. 

  1. When preparing the talk, concentrate on how you can help your audience.
    (Walk in the other person’s shoes) 
  1. Think of your presentation as a conversation and get your audience engaged and asking questions as quickly as practical. While ensuring you keep control of the conversation.
  1. Ensure your talk ends by reminding your audience how taking your advice will benefit them.

If you have not struck oil in ten minutes, stop boring! 

Imagine how wonderful it would be if business presentations were both Educational and Entertaining. 

If the above interests you and you want to improve your communication skills, please get in touch. 

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