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The Three Questions Every Winning Pitch Must Answer

Three Questions Every Winning Pitch Must Answer

create a winning sales pitch

I am very sad to see Niamh Collins depart the DCU Ryan Academy for pastures new.

Over the last ten years, she was the heart and soul of the ‘Female High Fliers’ programme in particular, but also the other programmes, such as Illuminate, Propeller and numerous SFI programmes.

Niamh was the most caring, well organised, and inspirational leader of each of these programmes and it was my pleasure to work with her over these ten years.

When working with Niamh, you knew the participants would be well chosen, well prepared and ready to go to work.

Niamh’s events were managed to the highest standard; you could expect a five-star experience, making my job and that of the other coaches and mentors so much easier.

Good pitches at the end of the programme are crucial for the entrepreneurs, but equally important for the promoters as the event, is often judged by the quality of the presentations on the final day.

Create a Winning Sales Pitch With These 3 Questions

Over the years of working with Niamh, we created the elements of the presentation/pitch workshops that worked very well and produced excellent results.

Here is the outline created over the ten years:

Workshop 1:

(usually the opening session)

Explain to startups how I believe that presentation should be conversational.

To prepare that conversation, the first step is to have the entrepreneur answer these three questions:

1. Who is your customer?

Be very specific; the answer is not everybody.

2. What problem do you solve for this person?

Even if you are targeting a major multinational, you will still be dealing with an individual or a small team.

3. How are these people better after you have implemented your solution?

Paint a word picture of the outcome your customer desires
(with the support of visuals).

Answer these three questions in an engaging conversational way and you have the key ingredients for your pitch.

Workshop 2

(About halfway through the programme)

Building on the three questions previously asked, we are ready to create ‘The Elevator Pitch’ – initial sales conversation.

The elevator pitch template in my view should be as follows:

Start by talking to your prospect about the problem you believe you can solve for them.
Tell a story.

Introduce your business and explain what you can do for the prospect: it’s a platform, an app, patented solution, a product, intellectual property etc.

Help the person to desire what it is you are offering.

Call for action:

A demo, free trial, agree on next meeting date or ideally a purchase order!

Workshop 3:

This is where we take the ingredients from the first two workshops, add some of my secret sauce and the outcome will be a world beating investor pitch.

I will reveal my ‘secret sauce’ template in another article. If you need to know sooner or immediately, why not click on the link below.

Thanks again Niamh, I wish you everything you would wish for yourself in your new venture.