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The BUZZ is coming back

The Bailey, Dublin

The buzz in The Bailey, Dublin

Post pandemic, what am I looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to live audiences again; online is fine and serves its purpose, but nothing beats speaking to a group of people and feeding off their energy. Which in turn excites and energizes me to be more creative and provide value to my audience. 

I will not miss all the restrictions around my personal life. However, there is nothing I like more than taking the bus into the city [Dublin] and entering a bar or restaurant or public space without having to preplan days or weeks in advance. 

I miss the buzz of the busy streets and the chance to meet with people I know. This will always happen in Dublin as the City Centre where everyone congregated is only a few blocks wide.  Sit outside ‘The Bailey’ for a couple of hours and enjoy a pint and a snack and count the number of people you know who pass by. This is a great game. 

Grafton street is now just like any other High Street, in any other City, full of brands that you can find anywhere and everywhere, plus lots of huckster type shops rented out on a short-term lease, until some international brand comes along, willing to pay high rent and take out a long lease. 

My advice is to move away from Grafton Street into the side streets where all the small independent retailers are attempting to earn a living alongside some great bars and restaurants that have been plying their trade for years and years while providing excellent value and service. 

Here are some of my personal favourites: 

The Old Stand, Neary’s, Peters Pub and the Library Bar in the Central Hotel. 
Trocadero restaurant for atmosphere, Cafe Topolis, inexpensive, friendly restaurant that I have frequented for some 20 years.

The New Normal: 

We have become aware of our personal space and should be more protective of it in the future. 

Keep wearing the masks in crowded places, reducing your susceptibility to Colds, Flus, Sinus and Covid infections while being free to choose how you live your life, where and at what time. 

We are emerging from the pandemic; these are things that have changed and will never be the same again. 

As we all alight from the bus now via the centre doors, we have lost the tradition in Ireland of thanking the bus driver. 


I particularly miss long telephone chats with friends without having to clean up in preparation for the call. All calls do not need to be FaceTime. 

It’s nice to have somebody’s full attention. But I am tired of admiring the dog, getting dizzy as people move about their home while continuing to wash the dishes, or hoover the hall while talking to me, too much information! 

In Business: 

At the beginning of the pandemic, you could be on an online call and be unshaven, with the bed in the background unmade.  

Now after 18 months higher standards are required online, prepare – dress appropriately. This is for yourself as much as for the audience.  

What changes have you noticed, never to return? 

The Good? 

The Bad? 

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