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Linda Fagan – Asst. IT Manager – Independent News & Media

“I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Andrew. To think I could learn so much while having such fun is incredible. That’s not to say it wasn’t hard work. We could not have learned as much as we did without making an effort. I am an experienced public speaker, but this course has shown me how public speaking can be adapted and applied to business meetings. I’m also putting more thought into the questions that are likely to come up when I go to a meeting.
I particularly liked the way each week took some aspect of business presentations and taught us how to apply ourselves to each situation, from sales to persuading someone to our point of view to how to deal with confrontational meetings.
I would be happy for you to use my details in your testimonials, as I think everyone should benefit the way I have. Business meetings and presentations would be far more effective and interesting if everyone received this training.”

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