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True or False, that is the Question 

True or False, that is the Question

Several programmes on which I have coached entrepreneurs to tell the world about their business ideas concluded in the last few weeks.  In watching my proteges present, it was very clear to me that the person who has the courage to stand up and speak out should be encouraged and praised, as it is not […]

Why People Hate Meetings

Why People Hate Meetings

When engaging with my clients in larger businesses, they have either just come out of a meeting or are under pressure to attend the next meeting.  With an exasperated voice, they tell me they spend all their days in meetings with little time for what they would regard as their actual work.  The real work […]

A Leader’s Unforgettable Story

A Leader's Unforgettable Story

A Leader’s Unforgettable Story (A Very Sticky Message) Recently I heard an unforgettable story of inspiration and mentorship, which I would like to share with you. The location was a “Communications Masterclass” I was presenting, entitled: “Create Sticky Messages”. I asked the group to prepare and deliver a talk on the theme: “A lesson learned in […]

My Best Advice for Leaders – Listen More!

My Best Advice for Leaders - Listen More!

My definition of a leader: “A leader is someone who others will follow”. To become a leader it’s important to acquire good communications skills. If people do not know where you want to take them and why, there will be a real reluctance to follow. Good communications is not sending an email or some other […]

3 Principles that can Change Your Life, Starting Now


“Irish Company Great Pitch Success” – MicroGen is the winner of the Agtech, Food & Water Category at the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) competition, selected from over 2400 companies across 80 countries. This is a very significant milestone for MicroGen. After winning the category, MicroGen were invited to speak at a webinar within United Nations […]

3 Steps to Success

steps to success

Billie Jean King, winner of 39 tennis grand slams, says: “Sport is entertainment; everything is about the audience whether you give a speech or play tennis.” After Billie Jean’s retirement from top-class tennis, she was regularly asked to speak. Here are the three pieces of advice she gave to audiences! Relationships are everything Keep learning […]

Great Presentation Skills = Leadership Success

Telling your story with Aristo

Michael Gerber said… “Work on your business, not in your business“ Many of us do work in the business, we are busy being busy and lose sight of the critical things a good leader should be focusing on. I encounter this regularly in my consulting business where senior executives engage me to help them prepare for […]

Tide is turning against the bullies

Business in the news

                      The Traits of Great Team Leaders Recently I read a great article in the Sunday Independent by Eamonn Sweeney, one of my favourite sports journalists and philosophers. His headline: “Tide is turning against the bullies”. In his article he addressed the topic “Nice Guys […]

Here is some great advice on how to Lead People!


                  Often people believe that they are not leaders. They think people like Barack Obama and Angela Merkel are, but that they themselves are not! In reality each time we speak or attend a meeting, we have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. On one of my training […]