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Here is some great advice on how to Lead People!












Often people believe that they are not leaders. They think people like Barack Obama and Angela Merkel are, but that they themselves are not!

In reality each time we speak or attend a meeting, we have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership.

On one of my training programmes I asked my colleague to tell a story of where he personally had seen leadership demonstrated?  Initially he had difficulty, because we are always looking for something on a grand scale, looking to the momentous event!

I said to him, think of someone in your life who has influenced you?  Someone who has changed the way you think and act, because that’s leadership.

He then told me a story about when he was a young apprentice in the Air Corps carrying out a repair, when he was observed by his manager, who saw he was doing it incorrectly.

This man did not rush over and tell him how he was doing it wrong, he simply came over and said, Harry “let me show you how we do that here”.

He said for the time he was there serving his apprenticeship, this man often came to him and the other apprentices and said “let me show you how we do this here”.

Clearly, the leadership that man demonstrated was passed on to Harry, as he become a senior manager in the Aviation industry.

Harry’s advice to my group was: if you wish to change and lead people, the secret is not to find fault but to seek willing co-operation.

As a leader, it’s not good enough to talk about the values of your organisation be they Honesty, Integrity, Creativity etc.


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