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My client makes queuing a thing of the past

My client makes queuing a thing of the past

I was back in Lansdowne Road (the Aviva) recently to see Leinster v Leicester, a one-sided game with some good tries to enjoy. I was with my son and his son.   All in all, an enjoyable evening, with one exception!  There is still the difficulty of getting a drink or a snack without standing in a […]

Sport & Business, the Similarities

Sport & Business, the Similarities

The ball is now in your court, and you are expected to return the ball and, ideally, participate in an enjoyable back-and-forth rally which is exciting and engaging before bringing the rally to a conclusion with a final flourish. The back and forth is where you build a relationship and develop an understanding of the […]

New Light Through Old Windows


How do I help my audience?  Initially, I am like a confessor or a psychologist.  I ask a few questions, three in all, and then listen to the confusing responses I hear by way of a reply.  The reason the answers are confusing is that the person I am speaking to is often too close […]