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Stay Sharp – How to Engage your Customers and Colleagues

Tonge and Taggart grate

How to Engage your Customers and Colleagues

Every time I sharpen my pencil, it reminds me of how I loved to draw as a child and as a teenager in art and technical drawing classes.

Not surprisingly, my first job was in the drawing office of Tonge & Taggart, who celebrated 100 years in business the year I joined the company. This company’s name is still on display all over Dublin city streets.

This sharpening action could also be a metaphor for life and how one must keep focused and educate oneself to stay up to date with new software tools and the opportunities they provide.

In the last few months, I have discovered the educational value of YouTube, be it for repairs about the house or garden, but most importantly for educating myself in the use of platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams Meetings, GoToMeeting, all excellent tools (but different) for engaging with your audience.

I have also found people that speak to me when I wish to create video content. After some research, I now know who to seek advice from on how to set up my camera, lighting, microphones etc.

I include links below to the people I found to be most helpful and have subscribed to, with the plan to continue learning and growing.


Keep sharp and rediscover the joy of learning something new each day




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