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Readers of my Articles, I need your help!

Readers of my Articles, I need your help!

By a strange coincidence, I was at the Aviva Stadium only a few days after publishing my latest article, “The man from Geneva – no, Aviva”. I was attending the Learnovation Summit as a guest of Microsoft. (Thanks, Jeff) 

As I was about to enter the restroom, out came a person I had not met since before Covid. 

I still feel excited each time I attend a public event, do you? 

He is a very successful entrepreneur and academic in the health space. 

He said hello, Aristo, and thankfully, I remembered John’s name, a skill that appears to have declined during the pandemic. Was it the Virus or just a lack of practice? 

As he breezed by, John said, I’m still reading your articles; keep up the good work. 

It’s thrilling when someone acknowledges the effort and time it takes to publish every two weeks, and it gives me great admiration for the journalists who publish every day. 

This brief encounter prompted me to think of all the people who open my articles on a regular basis (30%+) and gain value from my stories. 

As you know, I avoid selling in my publications with rare exceptions. 

Today however, could I please ask you to forward (ideally with a recommendation) one of my articles to a colleague or friend, asking them to join the Aristo community of people who wish to communicate with greater impact? 

In advance, I offer you sincere thanks and appreciation, as in these days of GDPR, it is challenging to connect with people I know I can support and benefit. 

P.S. my next article will be about what I learned at the “Learnovation – Global Learning Summit” 

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