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Presenting is Not a Game of Perfect

Presenting is Not a Game of Perfect

Presenting is Not a Game of Perfect

The sportsperson who expects to be their best every time they enter the playing field will be sorely disappointed on lots of occasions.

The ones who succeed over the years are the participants who continue to train, focus and have a positive belief in themselves while supporting others. Conversely, winners are people who experience frequent failure, alongside success.

‘Golf is Not a Game of Perfect’ is Doctor Bob Rotella’s best-known book, published in 1995. I have read and reread this most enjoyable and easy-to-read book many times. My copy is full of coloured highlighter paragraphs to remind me of things that have become relevant to me, perhaps only on the second or third reading.

The same mantra slightly changed to ‘Presenting is Not a Game of Perfect’ is advice that I regularly provide to my clients.

Your job is not to be word or slide perfect. Your ambition should be to entertain and educate your listeners and ultimately support them in solving some of their business problems.

Do this and you will lead a fulfilling life and be seen as an asset to your colleagues and customers alike.

My next Open Presentation Skills Programme will get underway at the end of February.

Can you afford not to set aside two days to become a better communicator?

If you would like details of the programme, please click here. You will not be asked for any details other than your preferred method of connecting.

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