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One Hour to Change Your Life

Make an Effort for Your Mental Health

One hour to change your life

A Habit – One Hour – a More Fulfilling Life

When, in your working week, do you give yourself a break to do something very different?

To be kind to yourself, to take a little me-time out of your daily routine, possibly “grind” if you are working from home and trying to balance work and family.

Do you feel fatigued, exhausted?

Weary may be a better word to describe how you feel?

You have not been out socializing since whenever, and even if you have, it feels regimented; make a booking, obey the rules, you must have this, you cannot do that, leave now, even though you are not ready to go, as you were just starting to unwind a little.

Is that you? It certainly was me!

Until I discovered this straightforward suggestion in Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist Date’.

The book was introduced to me by Eve Earley on ‘The Artist Date Program‘ she hosts here in Ireland.

I have spoken to you before about the power of ‘morning pages’ and how they can set you up for a great and productive day.

Now, let me introduce you to what Julia Cameron calls ‘Artist Dates’.

It’s a very simple idea (like all good ideas); once a week, you set aside an hour or two just for yourself and do something creative.

Things I have done over the last year include:

  • Visiting the bandstand in the Phoenix Park (last time there was as a child)
  • Spend some time in the National Art Gallery or any other Gallery
  • Sit in the sun in Saint Stephens Green
  • Libraries are a great place to go (as you are surrounded by people quietly reading and studying, it will rub off on you)
  • Go to a movie (on your own)
  • Take a train journey
  • Walk on a beach or by a Lake
  • Take a walk through the fields
  • Find a quiet place and just sit and read

You will say I have not got the time; make an effort for your mental health and those around you.

You will return to base refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to have more ‘Artists Dates’; please be sure to book a time in your calendar, make it a habit.

The Positive Outcome:

You are likely to become less stressed; you will renew your creativity for whatever, taking photographs, sketching, doing jigsaws, walking (without devices), fishing, reading, it does not matter what you do, just enjoy the me-time.

There is no need to announce your plan to the world or to explain what you were doing to your nearest and dearest. (This is for you).

Be a little more generous to yourself, and you will find your quality of life and the lives of those around you enhanced in numerous ways, in the coming months and years.

Please tell me in the comments your thoughts on “Make an Effort for Your Mental Health” and what works for you?

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