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“It will be alright on the night” – Maybe?

It will be alright on the night - Maybe? Preparing for a meeting

It will be alright on the night - Maybe?

How many times have you said this to yourself while preparing for a meeting?

It will be alright on the night (or day).

You have business meetings to attend in the hope of winning new business, seeking support or investment, or providing guidance and encouragement to your team.

But you are busy with the daily routine, and you neglect preparing for a crucial meeting or event, as you would like to.

Can you be surprised if it does not go well?

No second chances:

Will you get another chance to put things right? Probably not, as everyone else is also busy, busy, busy, working on stuff that takes up their valuable time.


The inspirational leaders are the ones who identify which are their key priorities and prepare for a successful outcome, having earlier decided what their measure of success is.


It’s always helpful to have another person to bounce ideas off and get positive feedback.

I have Sandra Maguire, who supports me in editing my articles and uploading them to the web, LinkedIn and Irish Tech News. I have over 110 articles published thanks to Sandra’s attention to detail and determination to ensure that I meet my publishing deadlines.

“Believing Mirrors” are people who mirror us back to ourselves as powerful, strong, and in our most positive light. Our Believing Mirrors are valuable people in our creative lives. Who are the Believing Mirrors in your life? Who can you be a Believing Mirror for?

Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way

If you have no one to help you prepare (in confidence) for important meetings or presentations, I can be your “Believing Mirror.