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11 Whispers to Brighten Your Day

11 Whispers to Brighten Your Day

I would like to introduce you to a young man who is a member of my extended family. 

Lee Sheridan is a son, a brother, a teacher, a poet and most importantly, a person who gets things done while supporting himself and his fellow creatives. 

Lee, to my mind is a person who knows the importance of the following words. 

Creativity               Activity 

Lots of people are creative; even more are active. 

Lee has the gift of being both. 

He recently released on YouTube a collection of poems entitled “11 Whispers” published by him to support other poets.

He put this beautiful collection together and got friends and family to recite the poems, including me. 

He then added the music and images to complete this creative and beautiful collection. 

Take a little time to relax and enjoy and please send the link to friends and family. They will thank you for doing so. 

Please support a young man making his way in the world by being creative and active, a great combination.