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“Andrew helped us to do two things better than we had previously been doing. 1) He helped us to capture the magic of what we do in a few short sentences. 2) He helped us to identify how those who engage with us benefit from our work together. We now enter into conversations with potential collaborators in a . . . read the rest ->

John Evoy - Founder – Irish Men’s Sheds Association: www.menssheds.ie
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I have been to a few sales courses over the years and to be honest they have all been the … “same auld stuff”.  Andrew brings something very fresh to the table, so thanks for that!

Damon O’Shea -Director -CoatMap – Damon@costmap.ie

I used to struggle to connect with my audience because there would be such a disconnect between what I was saying and why. You have shown me that opening with an honest story instantly breaks down that barrier, builds trust and allows the audience to buy into what I’m saying.  I really appreciate all that . . . Read the rest

James Gallagher – Founder -GiveBack.ie- james@giveback.ie

“Delivered a two-hour presentation and the response was fantastic. I use some videos and slides but unscripted managed to tell my story with the clarity, energy, passion and perspective that has eluded me for so long. I put this down to all the work and expertise I have received from you. Sincere thanks for that.”

Brian McCarthy – Director of Football, Newington College, 200 Stanmore Road, Stanmore, Sydney, 2048 bmccarthy@newington.nsw.edu.au

“It’s great getting Andrew in to contribute on our programmes. He really helps our students to hone their message and to communicate their research to an audience outside of academia.”

Fionnuala Healy, CEO of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub

“Just wanted to say thanks again for pushing me to find my inner presentation self during the UStart programme. I still play the time I froze on the first day, in front of everyone, over in my head. Comparing then to where I am now with my presentation skills is an incredible feat to see . . . Read the rest

Oisin Hoy – linkedin.com/in/oisinhoy

MagGrow entered into the Internationally renowned Thrive accelerator in California. We were the only Irish company who reached the last 30 with over 200 entries from 36 countries worldwide. The challenge was to get to the final 12 which required us to pitch our proposition in just 6 minutes. This is where Andrew came into . . . Read the rest

Gary Wickham – CEO MagGrow – www.maggrow.global

“Andrew helped us to do two things better than we had previously been doing. 1) He helped us to capture the magic of what we do in a few short sentences. 2) He helped us to identify how those who engage with us benefit from our work together. We now enter into conversations with potential collaborators in a . . . Read the rest

John Evoy – Founder – Irish Men’s Sheds Association: www.menssheds.ie

Andrew Keogh changed my business and my outlook on where I’m going. @DragonsDenRTE #ddirl. I used Andrew and Aristo to prepare my pitch for going on @DragonsDenRTE #ddirl. In just a 2 minute pitch the Dragons had been captivated and entertained. I was just the messenger but Andrew was the story teller. My pitch was . . . Read the rest

Colm Courtney MD www.hybridmailsolutions.com/

“Pitching is a vital part of any startup’s life. For the vast majority of founders, it’s a pretty nerve wracking experience. And it should be, if you care. This is the moment when you tell the world about your wonderful product – often to an audience that has seen hundreds of pitches. It’s one thing . . . Read the rest

David Power Co-Founder – www.hiri.com

“Andrew taught me to tell my story in a very simple, understandable and powerful manner which creates impact.  The addition of a great product comparison, ‘golf trolley for horse riders’, sold the idea of my versatile equestrian saddle trolley to many audiences including investors, distributors, retailers and horse riders.  Totally invaluable when you need to . . . Read the rest

Clare Medland- CEO – Rolltrack.co.uk

“I found that watching Andrew at work was like watching a composer bring the various components of an orchestra together to get a great harmony going!  Andrew is a rock of sense but with an ability to be objective and creative in his approach. He does not tell people what to do, rather guides them . . . Read the rest

Ciara Feehely – Senior Lead Communications – EirGrid

Andrew’s help and guidance was instrumental in preparing us for several vital stage presentations we had last year(2014) in New York, San Francisco, Germany,  the UK and Ireland. His outside perspective on how we could better tell our story was incredibly useful, it’s easy to forget that internal stories don’t  always translate well outside the . . . Read the rest

Pat Phelan – CEO – Trustev.com

Wayra Ireland invests in, and accelerates the growth of leading digital startups in Ireland. Andrew is a key member of our team helping our startups to better structure and communicate their vision and propositions. After working with Andrew, our startups use the power of story telling to better communicate the insights and strategy of their . . . Read the rest

Karl Aherne-Managing Director-Wayra Ireland

“Before I met Andrew Keogh, public speaking was a nightmare for me. I spoke with a hammering heart, gasping for breath and holding onto my notes with shaking hands. Now, after working with Andrew Keogh, the struggle has disappeared. I never use notes, I can connect with my audience more confidently and talk concisely about . . . Read the rest

Catherine Cunningham- Founder-www.thepresenttree.co.uk

We used Andrew’s’ services to help us prepare for the Grand Final of InterTradeIreland’s Seedcorn Investor Readiness competition held in Dublin in 2013. As the largest business competition of its’ type across the island, with a top prize of 100,000 Euros, the standard of the competition was very high. We received excellent feedback about the . . . Read the rest

Irene McAleese – Co-founder- See.Sence – www.seesense.cc

“The Aristo course taught me how to talk less and say more, get my points across in a clear and understandable fashion and make my message stick. Andrew Keogh showed me how to identify the core components of my business and deliver one clear message that delivers results every time”.  

Frank Manning – Sales Manager – PHS Washrooms

“Feeling more confident when presenting myself to customers and team meetings.  Being prepared is key to deliver clear message”   Caroline Irwin – caroline_irwin@baxter.com

Caroline Irwin – caroline_irwin@baxter.com

“Our Sales and Marketing Team have participated in the Aristo Programme and as a result our overall approach to meetings/ presentations has changed. We have a structure to work to and Andrew and Aristo have given us the tools to work with.   Our approach to business meetings and customer facing meetings has changed . . . . Read the rest

Leslie Brett – Business Unit Director Baxter Healthcare 01 2065500

“Despite the fact that I am in media sales my background is from the financial services industry from where I regularly attended sales training courses (probably 10 a year for six years). To be as frank and honest as I possibly can I loved this training course. I found it educational; incisive; precise with a . . . Read the rest

Larry Healy, Account Manager, Newstalk Radio – lhealy@newstalk.ie

“I thought the course was just fantastic and was one of the best sales courses I have attended.  If I saw your name coming up on Learning Waves courses down the line I would love to attend and would strongly recommend it to my colleagues.”

Sadie Larkin 98FM Sadie.Larkin@98fm-spin1038.com

“I would describe Andrew as ‘the Speaker’s Speaker’. In other words, anyone who speaks for a living would gain huge value from Andrew’s input and I regularly consult with him on my content for talks, keynotes etc. He has also developed a great niche in the area of helping his clients ‘pitch for business’. I’ve . . . Read the rest

Neil O’Brien – Founder and MD, Time To Fly Ltd

“Andrew is all about giving the speaker confidence. On the Connect 2 Grow Programme, he gave me a series of tools, techniques and processes for speaking and delivering a presentation. He also took me through the steps involved in preparing a presentation and getting the desired result from a meeting. These are tools that I’ve . . . Read the rest

Andy Donlan Marketing Manager Thermodial Ltd.

“Before I attended the CONNECT 2 GROW programme I would have avoided at all cost the opportunity to speak to an audience greater than one.  I just felt uncomfortable. Now I have the confidence to address any size audience thanks to the trainer.  It’s not rocket science, just a few practical steps to follow each . . . Read the rest

Gerry Ward Ward+Co-gerard@wardaccountants.ie

“I remember vividly as a student the trauma I felt before I sat my Inter Cert in 1977. No mountain seemed as high until, of course, I prepared for my Leaving Cert in 1979, then college exams etc. Now I know that there is a ‘formula’ for doing exams. Read the paper thoroughly, allot time . . . Read the rest

Andrew Clarkin – Managing Director – Snap Printing Ballycoolin – 01-8853200

  “The course has given me a fresh rethink of how to present my business & this is very important in the competitive environment we operate in today.  We want our customers to remember us over our competitors – and this course has given me that edge.  I am thinking a lot more from the . . . Read the rest

Mary Louise Colbert – Business Development Manager – Snap Printing mlc@roger.snapprinting.ie

“Public speaking IS my worst nightmare, in the job I am in I have to do presentations to groups and rooms full of people.  I struggled with this for nearly a year in my job, but having attended one of Andrews Presentation Skills course I have learned to see it in a different perspective.  As . . . Read the rest

Sharon Flanagan – Sales Executive – Snap Printing – 01-8853200

“Andrew thanks for a great course, a great laugh and a real learning opportunity!    

Mary Louise Colbert – Business Development Manager – Snap Printing – mlc@roger.snapprinting.ie

“Andrew is a delight to worth with. A master of storytelling, he puts people at their ease in the most challenging of environments. We hired Andrew to help prepare a group of high potential entrepreneurs for their promotional videos. It worked a charm. The client had more confidence and we got the shoot in the . . . Read the rest

Helen Curtin ShabangVideo -helen@shabangvideo.com

“Andrew has helped me develop my sales and presentation skills to a point where I have almost doubled my income. I highly recommend Andrews services . Tony O’Regan Titleist performance Institute instructor fitness instructor.” 

Tony O’Regan Positive Golf – toeoregan@gmail.com

“Working with Andrew has brought improved focus and clarity to my communication and preparation; Thanks Andrew for your good humour and insightful feedback! In today’s world where content and social media are paramount, Andrew will coach you to promote yourself and pitch your business in the most effective and memorable way.” 

Liz Barron Realize – liz@realize.ie

 “Andrew joined our programme to coach and train BT Young Scientists – www.btoungscientist.com in Nova UCD during 2011. I found his work to be professional, creative, supportive and caring. Andrew contributed to the design, execution and evaluation of the Business Programme for BT and over-delivered on expectation. We really appreciated his delivery, beyond his contracted . . . Read the rest

Larry Taylor BT

 “Andrew Keogh is an excellent communicator and key note speaker who helps empower all those who have the opportunity to see him in action to better and more effective presentations amongs other things. I have worked with Andrew at a number of different events and locations this year and on each occasion have had the . . . Read the rest

Don Harris Talk Back – don@talkback.ie

“I attended one of Andrew’s Aristo’s Sales pitch training programmes and found Andrew to have that rare quality of combining a strong people focus with the ability to drive the course at a pace, achieving an incredible amount in a short period. I would recommend Andrew and the Aristo training to anyone looking for the . . . Read the rest

Derry o’Riordan- derry.oriordan@sqs-ire.com

An intense and valuable set of training sessions which resulted in a staggering improvement in presentation skills.  Andrew is 100% engaging, identified weaknesses quickly and polished my pitch to perfection!  

Jonathan Potter: Founder – Currency Fair – jonathanpotter@currencyfair.com

“Andrew has a fantastic capacity in bringing out the key points of your story. He was invaluable in creating a presentation that showcased our new web service. His insights will undoubtedly improve your communications strategy.”  

David Slattery CEO at UnitedWeSave.ie

Andrew helped me to quickly formulate a pitch that communicated a simple message. I now focus on getting one or two clear messages across in my pitches.    

Conor Moran CEng, Chief Executive Officer, EMail: conor@GoReport.netWeb: www.GoReport.net

When I met Andrew I was preparing to convincingly deliver a presentation to investors and industry experts at the IBM Smartcamp Finals in Berlin.  I’m not a natural speaker and so I needed to quickly learn how to present well and, equally importantly, think on my feet.  The methods Andrew used helped me to present . . . Read the rest

Stephen Budd Head of Product Management Clear Returns www.clearreturns.com

“As part of the DCU Ryan Academy Propeller Accelerator Programme I was asked to present our business idea to a gathering of Ireland’s most renowned investors, entrepreneurs and support agencies. This daunting challenge was successfully met and overcome with the benefit of sagely help, advice and guidance from Andrew. Andrew made presenting to such an . . . Read the rest

Alan O’Dea: Founder – Simple Lifeforms. Game Industry

  “I was delighted the way Andrew properly architected our message and helped create a compelling story to convey my message. The most important aspect of presenting I have learned  is the need to entertain while telling your story. The process of getting engagement is not something I ever thought about prior to working with . . . Read the rest

Alan Coleman alan.coleman@britebill.com www.britebill.com

“Coming from an academic background, Andrew has helped us to develop presentations for a business audience. Andrew really helped to transform our pitch into something that caught people’s attention. His advice was invaluable and we very much enjoyed working with him”.     

Trevor Parsons – CEO- JLizard trevor.parsons@logentries.com www.logentries.com

“Support from Andrew helped our company focus on the message that we wanted to get across to our audience in our presentation and focus on what is important in a presentation. I am more confident of my ability to communicate effectively the message that I want to get across to my audience”. Rob Merriman – . . . Read the rest

Rob Merriman – Business Development, GreenEgg Technologies – info@greenegg.ie

  “Andrews teaching in relation to delivering entertaining yet informative presentations is top class.  Through his instruction we have restructured all our presentations to reflect the key attributes associated with his delivery method, e.g.  telling stories and not relying on slides”.  

Don Corbett, Co-Founder & CEO associate mobile

Andrew’s mentoring was crucial for my presentation. Based on his feedbacks I achieved excellence on my pitch in a room full of investors. Now I start my presentations with a conversation – it’s the best approach and Andrew taught me very well.  Actually, not only my presentations, but also our sales strategy and company speech . . . Read the rest

Gustavo Monteiro, CEO @opara_ http://www.opara.io

You helped me tell the story and engage people and not try to sell them and dictate to them. I’m speaking less, slowing down, and using the presentation as a strategy to sit down with people and not try to close a deal from a stage.    

Joseph Finkenbinder CEO at Pombai joe@pombai.com http://pombai.com/

Andrew did a great job helping me to structure the whole pitch and make some important changes in a speech. He managed to turn my boring business plan presentation into exciting and fascinating pitch. Now I know how to structure the presentation and deliver information to the audience to achieve “wow” effect. From now the . . . Read the rest

Jaroslav Gil Business development director & co-founder at EasyProve jaroslav@easyprove.com http://www.easyprove.com/

Andrew has helped Skynet and me personally look at our pitch and techniques from a much needed new perspective. This was invaluable to the development of our business pitch at this key time in our business.   I am more aware of phrasing, extracting the more valuable and not always obvious areas of my business and . . . Read the rest

Tim Duggan Chief Executive office Skynet Labs www.skynetlabs.com

Andrew helped me overcome my natural stage-fright and focus on connecting with an audience, whether they were potential customers or potential investors.  I am now structuring conversations in advance around customer needs, connecting with customers in a way that helps them open up about the problems they face, and using that rapport to help close . . . Read the rest

Oliver Mooney Founder @ getbulb oliver@getbulb.com http://getbulb.com/

The constant feedback was, probably, the most important thing. Someone from the outside, with the experience to notice these kinds of things, telling me what I should improve was of really great help for me. I am much more focused on the story now, on the flow of the presentation. I use fewer words on . . . Read the rest

Bobby Voicu Co-founder at MavenHut bobby.voicu@gmail.com www.mavenhut.com

“There is no better speaker’s coach than Andrew – his very obvious skill as a keynote speaker, coupled with his coaching skills make him the perfect choice for the senior executive looking to polish their personal presentation skills – whether for a one-off event or as part of an ongoing personal development project. Besides working . . . Read the rest

Deiric McCann -Author & Keynote speaker

As a direct result of Andrew’s training my presentation skills and communication techniques have significantly improved – Andrew’s training provides you with the skills, the focus and also the confidence to address audiences and critically to get your key messages across in a professional and concise manner. Andrews training was a crucial factor in assisting . . . Read the rest

Eamon Wynne, Managing Director, Integrated Communications Limited, ewynne@icltd.ie

“I have worked with Andrew on regular occasions over the last 12 months. Andrew’s approach, advice and experience has been invaluable to our business delivering real results with the teams he has helped. Andrew has been an instrumental part of our success by helping business owners to construct effective and engaging messages and develop their . . . Read the rest

Karl Aherne Director- Wayra Ireland Limited karl.aherne@wayra.org

Andrew has helped me to focus on the audience I am pitching to as opposed to the story I am comfortable telling. Time spent figuring out how I can meet a need my audience has is crucial to a successful outcome.  Before a pitch I now ask myself –  “Who am I talking to?” “What . . . Read the rest

Lucy Masterson Co-Founder Hireland lucy.masterson@hireland.ie

“I just wanted to give you a quick update on my pitching progress… I have just returned from a week in Silicon Valley so I had plenty of chance to practice. I have to say that your technique went down really well over there! I sat through a few presentations by other companies and there was . . . Read the rest

Kevin McGrath – Founder – www.beacon.by

“Andrew works with you as a speaker to help you engage your audiences in a wonderful two way conversation. His creative and generous advice allows you to grow and shine as a speaker. He is totally committed to your success. Every speaker wanting to get to the next level in their career should spend time . . . Read the rest

Veronica Canning – Speaker & Author – info@veronicacanning.com

“Andrew Keogh’s succinct presentation was the right balance of theory and practice delivered in a digestible and understandable way. As a result the whole firm benefited from coming together and engaging. Confidence levels grew and morale increased. New talents were exposed and older talents restated.  A worthwhile spend overall.”

Eamonn Leahy Partner Leahy & Co Chartered Accountants Phone: 01-8537000

“Andrews’ presentations were the highlight of our annual staff Conference this year. His style is understated and very effective and his method of delivery is excellent. As a result of his sessions, staff are more focused and thoughtful, their confidence has grown and they now deal with clients in a more professional manner. Staff enjoyed . . . Read the rest

Una Redmond- Manager, Office of Student Life, DCU

“Andrew Keogh’s training programme provides a unique and valuable ‘invisible hand’ that consistently raises staff moral and team spirit throughout the organisation.”

Eoin O’Riordan Partner Leahy & Co Chartered Accountants Phone: 01-8537000

“The Trainer provided us with some basic presentation skills training which enhanced and improved our skills and gave us the confidence to address a large audience, professionally and effectively”

Ken Halpen – Managing Director ­ Celerity. ken.halpin@celerity.ie

“Having taken on the role of Main Compere for the first time, the training from Andrew gave me a good insight into how to engage the audience, maintain energy levels throughout the seminar and deal with the interactive Q&A session to an effective result”

John Behan – Director – Celerity

“I have learned from Andrew the value of planning, preparation and good teamwork and have become much more confident and effective in my business”

Bob Sinnott – Compaq – robert.sinnott@compaq.com

“The imagery, quotations, tools and frameworks have enabled me to give more powerful presentations, leading to awards and a job promotion”

Dr. Conor A Dullaghan Ph.D., B.Sc. (HONS) – Metalor Technologies, Worldwide Technical Marketing Manager – Plating Conor.Dullaghan@metalor.com

“The Course provided a safe environment in which to learn and practice a wide range of communications techniques and presentation skills.  I feel I have gained a broad toolkit of techniques and strategies for engaging in formal and informal communications.  I feel confident that I am a better communicator because of this course.  I have . . . Read the rest

Aidan Fitzmaurice – Corporate Account Executive – System Dynamics aidan.fitzmaurice@systemdynamics.ie

“I have become a lot more focused and organised when developing or delivering a presentation.  With this approach I have noticed that the level of audience/presenter interaction has increased significantly. I start with the end in mind and I am much more aware of my audiences needs in relation to my presentation. I am also a lot more economical with . . . Read the rest

Aidan Leonard – Director – IQO Solutions Ltd – info@iqosolutions.com

“I really enjoyed the training. The Coach  was extremely helpful and generous with his time and knowledge”

Mary Malcolm – Schlotter Ireland Ltd – Athgarvan Road – Droichead Nua – Co. Kildare.

“I found the course excellent and very helpful. I can see the benefits daily with basic communication. I find my emails are more concise and meetings are more focused. I have used the structures you taught us to prepare for meetings and I’m hoping this will become a habit. I especially liked the role play . . . Read the rest

Rhona Byrne – Artist – rhonabyrne@ireland.com

“I have learned from you to simplify the message in order to be understood by all the audience. I now approach life in a more positive way than I did heretofore.”

Vincent Kirby: Sales Manager, Campbell Freight Agencies. vkirby@campbell.ie

“The Course helped me to understand the structure of a presentation and to present information with less slides and more interesting oral examples. All in a relaxed, friendly environment providing fun and team spirit.”

Tim McCaffrey, Managing Director, Technology Labs Ltd, Unit 41, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15 01-8207407 | Email: techlabs@indigo.ie

“The Presentation Workshop helped to build up my confidence to present and answer questions in front of others. I now know how to structure a presentation and make it interesting to others”

Marie Leddy, PCB Specialist, Technology Labs Ltd, Unit 41, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15 | Email: techlabs@indigo.ie

“The team here felt that their communication is now more focussed – in particular with clients – they now ask themselves what they are trying to achieve before a phone call or meeting and assess after if they met their goals. They are also focussed on the facts about Bravo and how they are beneficial . . . Read the rest

Ciaran Hynes – Director – Bravo Group. chynes@bravo.ie

“Working with Andrew has enabled me to give my public speaking skills the professionalism and proficiency that are needed to ensure my listeners take action and get the result I am looking for. Before I started working with Andrew I thought I knew how to deliver a good speech. Now I have the necessary knowledge . . . Read the rest

Dominic Munnelly Director of The Transformation Catalyst 086-8073888 http://www.thetransformationcatalyst.com/

“Andrew is responsible for allowing me to discover the self-confidence, enthusiasm and drive, which brought about my appointment as School Principal in June 2000”

Noreen Lawlor: Principal – St Kevin’s N.S. Greystones, Co.Wicklow

“I was delighted with the friendly and supportive atmosphere of both trainer and participants. A huge amount of effort was obviously put in before the workshop in order to bring about a concise and succinct method of getting the points across. A most useful template was used which should stand to me and the others . . . Read the rest

Paul Reid – Director – J V Hutton Ltd

“I am now able to relatively structure a presentation and convey the messages that I want to convey.  When we present we do not usually realise what we are telling people, I now know what people actually hear.”

Carol Grimes – Home from Home Relocation Services – info@hfh.ie

“I am definitely more confident when dealing with clients and better able to get my point across in a structured logical fashion.  You have completely eradicated my fear of public speaking”

Paula Costello – O’Farrell Cleere Auctioneers Ltd – paula@ofarrellcleere.ie

“The Programme encouraged me to go “outside the box” when putting together a presentation in terms of structure and style.  I believe I will be able to introduce more colour and variety to my presentations and to the way I connect with clients and prospective clients.”

Keelin O’Reilly – Keelin O’Reilly & Associates – keelinor@eircom.net

“Before I attended the CONNECT 2 GROW programme I would have avoided at all cost the opportunity to speak to an audience greater than one.  I just felt uncomfortable. Now I have the confidence to address any size audience thanks to the trainer.  It’s not rocket science, just a few practical steps to follow each . . . Read the rest

Gerard Ward – Rynne Tully Ward – Chartered Accountants – gward@tullyward.ie

“The training has unlatched my communication skills which have provided me with vastly more confidence in both my business and social life.  This was provided in very friendly and communicative forum which was conducive to developing broader less mundane thought and planning for presentations and meetings.   It was excellent”.

Paddy Halpin – Group 4 Secretor – paddy.halpin@group4.ie

“The course has helped me to plan my talks, to include the content & format and most importantly the questions & answers section of all presentations.  The best advice I received was that a presentation should be delivered as a discussion and not a lecture”.

Martin McCluskey – Group 4 Secretor – Martin.McCluskey@Group4.ie

”I am now more confident in both one to one situations or in front of a group. I believe I am more structured in the above situations and I try to bring something different/ memorable to the presentations I make”.

Shane McEntee – Tayto Ltd – shane.mcentee@candcgrou.ie

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Andrew Keogh for a presentation I had to deliver.  Andrew coached me in the art of “having a conversation” and after a two hour session I had the confidence to do exactly that. It was a most exhilarating and confidence building experience.  If you have a speaking . . . Read the rest

Pauline McCloskey – Heygoodlooking! – jeps@eircom.net

”Working with Andrew has brought my speaking to a new level”

Mark Donovan – New Oceans Consulting, Training & Development Specialists. madonovan@eircom.net

“I approached the course to help me to grow my business by increasing my client base. The course helped me to identify the areas I needed to look at and to focus my attention on a structured approach to “clinching the deal”.  I have had five occasions to use the Connect 2 Grow advice and . . . Read the rest

Paul Byrne – Paul Byrne Accounting Services – crofter@indigo.ie

“The Aristo course helped me to develop my confidence when speaking about by business.  It helped me to focus on what my core message is and how to convey that message succinctly.  In essence it was a sales tool for me, as it means I can now give my pitch to anyone I meet in . . . Read the rest

Anne Marie – hip interiors – annemarie@hipinteriors.ie

“Andrew has helped me not only to overcome my fear of public speaking but has also given me confidence and enthusiasm to do so. Since working with Andrew I have begun facilitating workshops.  I am delighted with the tools I learnt as they help me to be more relaxed, authentic and connected rather than wrapped up . . . Read the rest

Dr Lorene Dennis – Auckland – New Zealand

“Andrew came to the PSA NW Chapter to share his hugely insightful process for producing a keynote speech. Any speaker who has not exposed his or her mind to the simplicity inherent within the process is missing a real treat.  Andrew illustrated how he was able to construct a message that steered a true to . . . Read the rest

Chris Davidson – President PSA Manchester