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Speak Up and Earn More (Eat the Frog)

pitching your idea

  Improve Your Communication Skills I was recently in a conversation with a prospective new client, who was interested in engaging me to speak to his team. During the meeting, he asked me to answer the following question. How do I describe to my colleagues what you do in a sentence? My answer was as […]

The perfect pitch – podcast

executive coaching skills

  Pitching Skill Workshop: How to Create the Perfect Pitch to Win Sales & Investment Here is a podcast packed with advice and tips on how to create the perfect pitch. I also provide a pitch template which will help you win sales or investment. The basics of creating a successful pitch are the same […]

Stories get ‘YES’ vote!

How story telling will help your business win sales and investment

  Storytelling for Business If your business was put to a referendum would your prospects vote YES? Read on and learn how story telling will help your business win sales and investment. I listened to Charlie Bird being interviewed about his new book on the radio recently.  ‘A Day in May’ The book is a […]

Good Communications are not soft skills – they are Critical skills

Talking Business

I regularly talk to organisations, and when I say that I have looked at, and studied, their website, to get a feel for the organisation before attending the meeting, the usual response I get from the management is, do not pay attention to the website, it’s out of date and does not really represent who […]

Connect to Grow Programme – 29th November & 6th December 2017

Andrew Keogh: Pitching to Win Sales and Investment

 Executive Communication Skills [youtube video= autoplay=0 controls=1] This  2 day programme (one week apart)  is designed for delegates who have the business competence and now recognise the need to speak more effectively. Our programme ‘CONNECT 2 GROW’ will enable you to make talks easier to understand and to deliver, leading to better communication and comprehension on […]

Christmas in Ireland

Three Questions Every Winning Pitch Must Answer

Christmas in Ireland is a collection of short stories written by well-known Irish authors about their memories of Christmas. This is a book I gave my daughter Jennifer as a Christmas present in 1990. After she left home, it stayed in our house and on December 8th each year the book comes down off the […]

Be the person with the Gift of the GAB!


“The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.” Oscar Wilde, Irish dramatist, novelist & poet (1854-1900) Improve Your Story Telling to Win Sales Irish people are generally regarded as good storytellers; we often tell ourselves that we have the gift of the gab. I […]