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Sunflowers and Startups – the Similarities!


Pitching Skill Workshop: This morning I sat in my creative chair, hoping that a topic for my next article would emerge. While writing my morning pages, I looked around my office, realizing the subject matter was right under my nose. I have a renewed interest in my garden as a result of the pandemic. I […]

“Creating a Killer Elevator Pitch”


Pitching Skill Workshop: My previous two articles have covered the topics of “Selling in a Time of COVID” and “5 Step Template for Sales Success“.  Both of these articles have been very well received.  Soon we move on to how to create exciting content to populate your template and hold your audience’s attention for a period […]

5 Step Template for Sales Success


Pitching Skill Workshop: The secret Sales Tips & Skills of a successful meeting is learning how to talk in terms of the other person’s interest. Here are the five steps I use in a sales conversation:  1. Attention There are lots of stories told to us each day on Radio, TV, Podcasts etc. how many engage you fully?  2. […]

Connect to Grow Programme – 29th November & 6th December 2017

Andrew Keogh: Pitching to Win Sales and Investment

 Executive Communication Skills [youtube video= autoplay=0 controls=1] This  2 day programme (one week apart)  is designed for delegates who have the business competence and now recognise the need to speak more effectively. Our programme ‘CONNECT 2 GROW’ will enable you to make talks easier to understand and to deliver, leading to better communication and comprehension on […]