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We think children are growing up much faster and are more informed about everything.  Is this true?  My friend’s granddaughter started secondary school in September. She is a bright child full of life and involved in all sports and activities. And in recent times, she is never without a smartphone in her hands (restricted)  Yes, […]

A Christmas Passport to Enjoyment

A Christmas Passport to Enjoyment

My favourite description of Christmas is from “A Mother’s Christmas” by Hugh Leonard, published in a collection of Christmas Stories. I have been rereading “Christmas in Ireland”, introduced by Colin Morrison, every year since 1990.   My mother who never went abroad in her life was the owner of a passport. It was called Christmas, and […]

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reason to be Cheerful. Merry Christmas

Earlier start to Christmas this year Reasons to be cheerful: This year we climbed into the attic a week earlier than usual.  We put the tree and decorations up a week earlier to add some cheer to our home and the road. We also broke with tradition by cutting the Christmas pudding before the 25th; luckily, […]

Christmas in Ireland

Three Questions Every Winning Pitch Must Answer

Christmas in Ireland is a collection of short stories written by well-known Irish authors about their memories of Christmas. This is a book I gave my daughter Jennifer as a Christmas present in 1990. After she left home, it stayed in our house and on December 8th each year the book comes down off the […]