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A New Sales Message For a New Era

Create a Killer Elevator Pitch pitching for investment

Pitching Skill Workshop: Now that everyone is awakening from their enforced slumber [hesitantly], it’s time for me to help and support you in creating and delivering a refocused “Killer Elevator Pitch”. It’s likely your old message will not suffice in these changed times. I can help you to create a new sales story (or stories), […]

“Creating a Killer Elevator Pitch” Workshop


Registration now closed for “Creating a Killer Elevator Pitch” workshop Your payment is processed through Stripe, our trusted payment provider [asp_product id=”6053″] By registering, you confirm that you have read and agree to our Terms & Conditions Pitching Skill Workshop: This is what you’ll get when you register for the online “Creating A Killer Elevator […]

Stop Selling – Help People to BUY!!

Stop Selling Help People to Buy

(Are you a reluctant salesperson?) More often than not, the people I work with would not describe themselves as salespeople; they are ‘C suite’ people, or highly technical skilled people who are now expected to sell.   Is this why they went to college, got a degree and created a level of experience in the workplace? Yet it’s the experience they have gained along the way which is the highly valuable attribute […]

“Creating a Killer Elevator Pitch”


Pitching Skill Workshop: My previous two articles have covered the topics of “Selling in a Time of COVID” and “5 Step Template for Sales Success“.  Both of these articles have been very well received.  Soon we move on to how to create exciting content to populate your template and hold your audience’s attention for a period […]

5 Step Template for Sales Success


Pitching Skill Workshop: The secret Sales Tips & Skills of a successful meeting is learning how to talk in terms of the other person’s interest. Here are the five steps I use in a sales conversation:  1. Attention There are lots of stories told to us each day on Radio, TV, Podcasts etc. how many engage you fully?  2. […]

Selling in a time of Covid-19


Is your business relying on others to sell your product or service?   The Problem:  The scary thing about this is all your hard work and creativity are relying on others (I include your Sales and Marketing team) to generate Sales.   There are three critical requirements for any business to succeed:   Market – Competency – Passion   […]

The (little known) Secret to a Successful Pitch

Four presenters

Executive Coaching Skills: The key to a successful pitch is your preparation and research. The conversation and face to face meeting prior to having the opportunity to deliver a pitch, or send a proposal, is where the groundwork for winning proposals are established. The images above are four of my top interviewers who always ask […]

The 1st Step to Creating Your Company Story

The 1st Step to Creating Your Company Story

Storytelling for Business I am working online with one of my favourite clients, who are using this current situation to refocus and reassess the message that they tell their customers and themselves. The reason they engaged me is that they have rapidly expanded over the previous five years and they see this time as an […]

5 Step Elevator Pitch that Works!

5 Step Elevator Pitch that Works!

Pitching Skill Workshop: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch to Win Business Now that we are all practising social isolation, this is an ideal time to communicate interestingly and engagingly, with lapsed clients or prospective new ones. I have had occasions, both for my Aristo business and for several clients, to create a short email or LinkedIn […]