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How do you identify the key message you want to deliver?










Many years ago on the Michael Parkinson Show, Michael interviewed Frederick Forsyth, author of, amongst many bestsellers, ‘The Day of the Jackal’.  Michael asked Frederick to explain how he went about writing bestsellers, whereupon he told Parkinson this fascinating story which I like to use as an analogy for what I do.

He said “for example if I wished to write a book on the Mafia, I would fly to Italy, base myself in Sicily and spend six months in the library researching the Mafia. Somewhere in that research I would possibly make a connection between the Mafia and the Vatican.

As a result of that I would go and spend three or four months in the Vatican libraries researching possible connections between the Vatican and the Mafia. From that research, it’s likely there will be a connection between politics and the Mafia. This would lead me off on another tangent, spending another three or four months in some sweltering library researching possible connections between politics and Mafia”. Continue reading