The pictures at the top of the site are of the amazing piece of bridge architecture designed by the Spanish bridge designer Santiago Calatrava and named after one of Ireland’s most important writers, Samuel Beckett.

Regularly I cross this bridge going from a previous business success story in Ireland, the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC) on the North Bank to the new Silicon Dock on the South Bank, our latest success story and the home of Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Telefonica and numerous other multinationals.
As I cross the bridge it often occurs to me that it can be used as a metaphor for what I and Aristo do.

We help to bridge the gap between businesses and their clients, customers and partners.

How do we do this?

  • We work with owners, entrepreneurs and directors to help them articulate successfully the purpose of their business and the value they provide.
  • We help business teams to pitch and present more successfully.
  • Aristo also helps high potential start up companies (HPSU) to tell their company story in order to win sales and investment.

Now more than ever in these challenging times the ability to communicate effectively is critical to individuals and businesses. Andrew Keogh and Aristo can help you have more successful outcomes every time.