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Stop Selling – Help People to BUY!!

Stop Selling Help People to Buy

(Are you a reluctant salesperson?) More often than not, the people I work with would not describe themselves as salespeople; they are ‘C suite’ people, or highly technical skilled people who are now expected to sell.   Is this why they went to college, got a degree and created a level of experience in the workplace? Yet it’s the experience they have gained along the way which is the highly valuable attribute […]

Selling in a time of Covid-19


Is your business relying on others to sell your product or service?   The Problem:  The scary thing about this is all your hard work and creativity are relying on others (I include your Sales and Marketing team) to generate Sales.   There are three critical requirements for any business to succeed:   Market – Competency – Passion   […]

My Advice – Stop Selling, Let People Buy

improve communication skills

How to Pitch & Win More Business When strangers come to our door, we are often reluctant to open the door; why? Mostly because we suspect they are going to try and sell us something, e.g. switch energy supplies, sign up for some new local service, change Wi-Fi providers. The fact is nobody wants to […]