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Public speaking will advance your Career

Public speaking will advance your Career

Why is it that people are so fearful of speaking to groups? I have a chief executive who has paid me for one-to-one coaching and yet keeps cancelling every appointment we make to meet up and get started?  I have people who I meet in companies I work with, who keep saying to me, I […]

Tangible Ireland Business & Civic Leaders

Tangible Ireland Business & Civic Leaders

 ‘Ammunition for Success!’ Business & Civic Leaders Join Tangible Ireland in Howth Yacht Club, Howth Harbour, Howth, County Dublin, IRELAND  Howth Yacht Club  2.00 pm-6.00 pm-Thursday , 9th January 2014, Register from 1.30 pm  for an afternoon of Inspiration,Leadership,Project Reviews, Success Analysis,Outcomes and Networking  Called ‘Ammunition for Success!’ in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of […]

Steve Jobs the blog

Apple Business Growth

Like many people last Christmas I received a present of the Steve Jobs book written by Water Isaacson. My first thought was, look at the thickness of the book and do I want to spend my Christmas reading this? In early February I picked the book up again and started to read it. I don’t […]