Return on Investment

The following results are a snapshot of our client responses to our connect to grow programme.

The feedback has been extremely positive from our course participants. The results and comments over a one year period from some 69 clients will help you gain an insight in relation to the content, structure and  standards of our training which have helped the Aristo training team to develop courses to meet your needs successfully.

Chart 1



The majority of our clients – some 77 per cent stated that the level of training by us exceeded their expectations and 23 per cent stated that the level of training ‘met’ their expectations.

Chart 2



Some 65 per cent of our clients ‘strongly agreed’ that the training by us increased their capability to perform and a further 35 per cent ‘agreed’ that their capability to perform had increased.

Chart 3



Some 39 per cent felt that they had a ‘very high standard’ which met the aims of our presentations course, while 47 per cent felt they had a ‘high standard’. A further 13 per cent felt that that they had an ‘ok’ standard which met the aims of the course and a minority of 1 per cent stated that they had a ‘low’ standard.

Chart 4



Over Half of our clients – 51 per cent stated that the level of coaching and support offered during the course was ‘above average’. Some 43 per cent considered the level to be ‘outstanding’ and a minority of 6 per cent felt the level of support and coaching offered was ‘ok’.

Chart 5



A majority of 66 per cent of our clients perceived the instructor as ‘outstanding’ and 34 per cent viewed the instructor as ‘above average’. None of our clients viewed the training as ‘ok’, ‘poor’ or ‘unsatisfactory’.

Chart 6



Our instructors’ ability to encourage client participation was considered ‘outstanding’ by 63 per cent of our clients. A further 35 per cent considered the instructor to be ‘above average’.

Chart 7



Some 65 per cent our clients considered our instructors to have an ‘outstanding’ ability to communicate and 32 per cent considered their communications skills to be ‘above average’. A minority of three per cent considered the instructor’s ability to be ‘ok’.

Chart 8



All of our clients stated that they are satisfied with the training we provide.

Client Feedback

What our clients tell us about our training packages……….

‘Excellent course- helped me to get on right track for public speaking (I had no confidence in my myself)’

‘Very good course’.

‘Time well spent’

‘Good team building’

‘The training was excellent, loved the way it was run and the involvement of everybody made the difference. Normally only certain people contribute’

‘Enjoyed the course’

‘The course was enjoyable as well as interesting’

‘I really liked the concise workshops’

‘There was a good balance between lecturing and interactive activities’

‘Dealt with practical day to day situations’

‘Pace of each training session was just right’

‘Training made me think of real situations and how to handle them’

‘Workshops will enable me to focus more on my presentations’

Categories emerged throughout the feedback from clients on different programmes which are outlined below:

  1. Confidence building
  2. Structure and content of training course
  3. Interaction on the course between participants

Confidence Building

‘I have now the confidence to give presentations, something I did not have before the course’

‘The training improved my confidence when giving presentations’

‘The training instilled confidence in myself in terms of public speaking’

‘The training helped build my confidence’

‘Never thought I’d get over the terror of speaking in public’

‘The training helped me to build confidence while answering questions at the end of a presentation’

‘Improved confidence in presentations’

‘I really enjoyed this and I feel it has helped me’

‘Great way of encouraging people to be comfortable when speaking in public’

‘Enjoyed the training course. I had no experience before the course but effectively now have the basics. I can now plan the presentations using the information from the course and I now have the confidence to give presentations, something I didn’t have before the course’.

‘Very worthwhile and I am looking forward to continuing putting it all into practice’

Structure, content and interaction of the training courses

‘I liked the stories and examples given the Instructor’

‘The tough questions session was very helpful and enjoyable’

‘I was not present for some training days and could pick up at any point’

‘Learned the importance of openings and closings in presentations’

‘I can now plan my presentations using the information from the course’

‘Excellent course, very valuable information and practical examples – Thank you

‘Successful emphasis away from slides was very enjoyable’

‘Lots of limits pointed out on speech/presentations structure’

‘The role plays were very interactive’

‘Very worthwhile – I look forward to putting it into practice’

‘Made me think of real situations and how to handle them’

‘the training was excellent. I loved the way the workshops were run and the involvement of everybody made a difference. Normally only certain people contribute on training courses but not on this occasion’

‘the most interesting and engrossing Tuesday afternoons I have spent in along time’

‘Great Team Building. Great mind booster. Very relaxed training process and I would highly recommend it’

‘Would love to do another course with Aristo’

‘I was impressed with Andrew’s skill in making the group relax at the start of each session’

‘Changes your approach to delivery talks and presentations’

‘Hard work but enjoyable and informative’

Interaction on the course between participants

Participants liked;

‘group activities’

‘relaxed atmosphere of the training’

‘team building’

‘learning and having a good laugh’

‘interaction from all parties’

‘support and understanding’

‘role plays which were very interactive’

‘class participation’

‘open format of each training session’

‘session on managing difficult meetings’

‘safe environment to express yourself in new ways’

‘team spirit’

‘Presenting on my own presentations. Improving questions and answers sessions in presentations and this built my confidence while answering them’

‘quality of information provided’