Create Pitches that Win You Sales & Investment

Albert Einstein -Aristo Pitch Workshop
As a pitch coach specialist Andrew Keogh has heard thousands of pitches, the majority of which are completely forgettable, this Workshop will help you create memorable pitches that will win you sales and investment.
As a result of his 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and businessman alongside his 15 years as an Executive Coach and past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Ireland, Andrew has developed a system and tools that help start-ups win investment.

Who should attend Pitch Workshop?

Entrepreneurs, Founders & Researchers who want to be more successful when pitching.

Andrews’s system has been honed over years as part of his involvement with the following Accelerator Programmes:

Pitch Workshop objectives:

  • Deliver believable pitches with energy and enthusiasm
  • Create a two-minute introductory pitch
  • Create 9 slide pitch that gets investors attention
  • Learn how to be remembered  after you have left the room
  • Reduce greatly the time and energy required to  prepare
  • Answer all the questions an investor needs know
  • Start enjoying speaking to audiences
  • Learn the rules for handling a Q & A session, often the most important part of the pitch

“Coming from an academic background, Andrew has helped us to develop presentations for a business audience. Andrew really helped to transform our pitch into something that caught people’s attention. His advice was invaluable and we very much enjoyed working with him”.

Trevor Parsons – Co-Founder – Logentries

resulted in a staggering improvement in presentation skills. Andrew is 100% engaging, identified weaknesses quickly and polished my pitch to perfection!”

Jonathan Potter– Co-Founder – Currency Fair