Connect to Grow

Executive Communication Skills

This programme is designed for delegates who have the business competence and now recognise the need to speak more effectively.
Our programme ‘CONNECT 2 GROW’ will enable you to make talks easier to understand and to deliver, leading to better communication and comprehension on the part of your audience.

This vital training will help you connect not only with large groups but also in pressure situations, in small teams and one-one meetings. This programme will give you hands-on experience, where you will not only get the theory but also get the opportunity on numerous occasions to present in front of a group. As a result, you will be open to new ideas, new challenges and new audiences, stretching your level of comfort when speaking in front of groups.

“The Aristo course taught me how to talk less and say more, get my points across in a clear and understandable fashion and make my message stick. I no longer “present”, I can now have a conversation with one or fifty people and be confident that they will remember the key points of what was said.
Question and answer sessions are now a welcome part of my daily interaction with perspective clients.
The Connect 2 Grow programme showed me how to identify the core components of my business and deliver one clear message that delivers results every time”.

Frank Manning-Sales Manager- PHS Washrooms